Australian adventures to try before you die!

Australian adventures to try before you die!
March 1, 2019 Valhalla Tactical

When you’re looking for some adrenaline-packed adventures, Australia is the place to be.

From rafting down roaring rivers to taking to the skies in a Soviet-era warplane, there are adventures to be had all across this great country. The team here at Valhalla Tactical have put together this list for you of some of our favourite Australian experiences to try before you die!

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Get your Top Gun on in some retro warplanes

Air Force wasn’t for you? Well, maybe you’ll change your mind once you’ve taken to the skies in one of these warplanes. From classic Cold War jet trainers to dogfighting propellor planes, Jetfighter allows you and your mates to don your aviators in some of the world’s best adrenaline flights. And with bases all across Australia, there’s an action-packed day of dogfights waiting for you. Just remember to pack a military-grade, versatile jacket – it can get pretty cold up there in the skies.

Take a dive through an intact freight steamer

We’ve taken to the skies, and now it’s time to get your head underwater. And with this historical, world-renowned diving site, you are sure to be submerged in an intense underwater adventure. The SS Yongala is a 110-metre long steel and timber passenger ship that sunk off the coast of Townsville over a hundred years ago. Now, it is one of the few intact shipwrecks on the Australian coast which lies in crystal-clear waters. These days the ship is encrusted in coral and is home to a wide array of wildlife, with the tropical waters providing plenty of exploration opportunities for you and your diving mates. Just make sure you keep your gear dry with some highly-durable Sea to Summit dry sacks.

Valhalla Tactical supply adventure-ready, tried-and-tested gear for your next Australian adventure.

Test your stamina on the mighty Franklin River

Tasmania’s Franklin River is not only one of the world’s most iconic wilderness areas but is also the perfect place for you to test yourself against the elements. And there’s no better way to take on the Franklin than spending over a week rafting downriver. When you’re out on the Franklin, you’re facing dangerous whitewater, cold mountain winds, and a forest so dense that you’ll quickly lose track of the sun. Sounds like the perfect adventure, doesn’t it? If like us, you’re from the tropical parts of Australia, you might need some new winter gear, like this insulated Klymit sleeping pad, perfect to keep you warm on those long Tasmanian nights.

Tackle the world’s highest abseil

We really can’t get enough of the hardcore adventures in Tasmania, and plunging down the world’s highest abseil is just one of them. Deep in the Tasmanian backcountry, the 140 metres high Gordon Dam is surrounded by untouched peaks and wild rivers. And if untamed wilderness hasn’t rattled you already, then the sheer drop from the dam wall will. But just put on some sturdy and waterproof tactical boots, take a deep breath, and don’t look down. This is an adventure you’ll never forget.

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