Australian Winter Camping Essentials

Australian Winter Camping Essentials
August 18, 2020 Valhalla Tactical

When camping in winter, the temperature can vary hugely depending on where you are. But it is usually universal that you will be needing a couple of extra layers than what you would in summer. At Valhalla, we specialise in a vast range of outdoor gear for all different climates, that’s why we have put together exactly what you shouldn’t forget for your next Aussie winter camping adventure.

Sleeping Bag

Not just any old sleeping bag, you will need a sleeping set up that is ready to keep you toasty when that temperature tanks. You will want to pay attention to several indicators on your sleeping bag to know whether it is appropriate for where you are heading. From shape to construction, to temperature rating to season rating, you will want to note that these align with the climate you are taking on. The most important thing in winter is usually temperature ratings. Paying close attention to this when making your decision will ensure you have a sleeping bag that will keep you snug, even on the coldest nights.

Fire Starters

Being able to start a fire on your excursion should be essential all year round. But the particular importance of being able to start a fire for warmth comes around on chilly winter nights. There are many options for starting a fire, but relying on being able to start it with the friction of two sticks can be frustrating, time-consuming, and unreliable. Flint, match, and even stove options can help you to keep warm and cook your meals.


Hydration isn’t any less important when you are in the cold. Remembering to remain hydrated is a key to survival and ensuring that you don’t create an unnecessary medical emergency on your adventures. Remember to pack an ample water supply that will keep you going with the consideration that you will also be more active than your typical day-to-day and will require more water as a result.


Winter brings shorter days than the other seasons. Meaning your lighting source, if you do choose to bring one along, will need to sustain these more extended periods of use. Ensure that you check your lanterns’ battery life and flashlights before you pack them to make sure that they will be useful for your whole trip.

Appropriate Clothing

Versatility is critical when it comes to the clothes that you pack on any adventure. You will want the items you pack to be lightweight but practical so that when they are in use, they are doing their job, but when they aren’t being used, they aren’t a heavy burden in your pack. Multifunctional items are a great way to pack less while covering more bases for what you may need when you are on your trip. In winter, you will want clothing that will help you maintain your body temperature, especially at night, when you are not active, and temperatures drop.

At Valhalla, we are your one-stop-shop for camping and outdoor missions all year round. So whether you are venturing out for your first winter excursion or are a seasoned pro, we can help you get your kit ready for your trip. Contact us today or visit us in the store to check out our massive range of supplies.