The Best Range of Wet Weather Sleeping Bags and Bivi Bags

The Best Range of Wet Weather Sleeping Bags and Bivi Bags
April 30, 2019 Valhalla Tactical

If you think that there is even a remote chance that the heavens may open and rain will fall while you’re posted outdoors, you’re going to need a sleeping bag or waterproof bivi.

There is nothing worse than hunkering down for the night, and waking up to a torrential downpour and your sleeping bag is soaked. Here at Valhalla Tactical, we’ve got the best sleeping bags and waterproof bivi’s you need to keep dry while you’re out on a mission (or even for civilians who love to camp and want the sleeping bags and bivi’s that the army’s best trust their lives with).

A few things need to be considered before choosing which sleeping bag or bivi is best for you during the rainy season.

wet weather sleeping bags and bivis

So you’re committed to an overnight mission, or maybe you’re camping outdoors, what’s going to be the most appropriate choice for you in terms of sleeping arrangements? First and foremost, the climate needs to be considered. There is an old saying when it comes to camping, ‘it’s better to be too hot inside a sleeping bag than to be too cold and not have one on hand’. This is extremely important, as many people have died from the temperature and many people have whined while they lugged around the unnecessary weight on a trek. Temperature ratings are important, so take note of them.

If you’re heading somewhere where the climate is going to be cold and wet, a bivi alone is not going to cut it. If the location is tropical or subtropical, a bivi might be more suitable, but again, the time of the year will need to be considered. It would be silly (and potentially fatal) to use a thermal rated sleeping bag in a tropical environment or a thinner bivi in subzero temperatures and in some cases, a mix of the two is going to be your best bet.

Finally, if you’re on a mission, are you going to need access to your weapon quickly to return fire if you’re set upon by the enemy? At Valhalla Tactical, we stock the best tactical sleeping bags ensuring that you’re able to stay ready for any action, should some bad guys need to get it!

Here are our top picks for sleeping bags and waterproof bivi’s:

Going on a mission where you need to stay ready for any scenario? The Valhalla Night Walker V takes the tactical sleeping bags to the next level having been specifically designed for warriors on missions. With exposed armholes, you’re able to complete multiple tasks (check the time, eat and take orders) without exiting the bag, so you can keep your core temperature steady and one hand on your weapon.

Featuring many of the same features that the Night Walker V exhibits, this is the middle of the road in terms of cost for our premium sleeping bags. It also features a double ended heavy duty YKK zip to allow the feet to be removed from the bag allowing movement.

If your situation requires something a little less obvious, the coyote is the perfect bivi for staying disguised while resting. Featuring a military top opening, quick and quiet entry/exit is achievable with the heavy duty zips. It’s fully waterproof, so rain, hail or shine, you’ll be protected from the elements. If you’re deployed on a mission in cold climate conditions, the Ranger Bivi prevent any body heat from escaping so you can rest comfortably. It also includes a built-in mozzie net, for when you’re deployed on location where those pests breed and thrive.

When the hoochie won’t cut it, the Range Bivi Bag is the go to. Perfect for tactical situations, the membrane is 100% waterproof and protects the user from wind and rain with its sealed seams. Highly effective in cold climates as well as being breathable, it features heavy duty zips and a built-in mozzie net.

If you want to see the full range of sleeping bags and bivi’s that’s on offer at Valhalla Tactical, head over to our products page to see what else is on offer.