Increase your kit with Valhalla

Increase your kit with Valhalla
June 16, 2022 Valhalla Tactical

Need help with expanding your kit?
Here at Valhalla Tactical, we pride ourselves in stocking only the best tactical gear on the market; hand-picked by guys who have lived the missions and know what features to look out for.

Valhalla MULTITOOL Pouches

Our latest MULTITOOL POUCH are designed for durability, convenience and affordability. Flap locked with quick-release buckle. Can be carried on a belt or MOLLE system.

Colours: Multicam, Black, Olive

Valhalla PATCHES

VALHALLA brings you a new range of morale patches, featuring original artwork and unique designs for the true individual and collector.

Built from PVC, these patches have a hook back to attach to the loop lining of your Jacket, bag, or hat and can be stitched on to your gear without having to tear or damage their backing. Add color and uniqueness to your gear with VALHALLA morale patches.


The VALHALLA inner belt is made to wear under your Duty/Tactical belt.

This belt is designed to hold your trousers up while being able to remove your Duty/Tactical belt. It is suitable to most outer belts with the Hook lining. Adjustable in size and has the loop outer.

Available in Coyote and Black.

After more recommendations for top-performing tactical gear?  contact Valhalla Tactical today to discuss how we can assist you in preparing the ultimate kit for any mission.