The most inspiring stories of bravery in the military

The Most Inspiring Stories of Bravery in the Military
September 17, 2019 Valhalla Tactical

Valhalla Tactical has its roots in the military. War can be terrifying and traumatic, as we know – we have been on the missions at the front line and lived to tell the tale. While we’re no longer serving our country, we absolutely love hearing stories of bravery. The heroic World War II veteran William Carpenter said “You show me a man who says he was brave over there, and I’ll show you a liar. Every one of us was afraid. Even the Germans were afraid.”

These stories of military bravery inspired us enough to want to share them with you, so sit back and enjoy these amazing true examples of heroism!

Working through an air raid

In November 1940, three women from the WAAF (Women’s Auxilary Air Force) were awarded half of all the Military Medals that were handed out during World War II. These brave women were stationed at an RAF branch in Kent, which was absolutely pummeled during air raids in the Battle of Britain. On August 30, 39 soldiers lost their lives during the attacks. The next morning, those who had survived reported for duty and the raids continued. The three women all remained at their posts during these raids and only abandoned them when they were forced to do so, due to fire breaking out. Talk about bravery!

Putting out a fire with bare hands

Flight Sergeant John Hannah was an incredibly brave man. On September 15, 1940, he was working as a wireless operator and air gunner in a bombing plane that was carrying out raids on German invasion barges. After they released their bombs, they came under heavy anti-aircraft fire and took many direct hits. A fire broke out in the hull where he was working, and while other members of the aircraft bailed out around him, he worked for 10 minutes in the blaze to extinguish it. After he’d exhausted all options, he used his hands, which resulted in severe burns to his eyes and face. For his bravery, Hannah was awarded the Victorian Cross, at just 18 years of age.

Flying Aces

Eric Lock was a Pilot Officer in the 41st RAF Squadron. Whilst patrolling the airspace over Dover in September 1940, he encountered three Heinkel He 111s. He immediately shot down one plane, then used his cool determination and skill to successfully shoot down the second plane too. For his efforts, he was awarded a Bar to the Distinguished Flying Cross. Not only did he down 2 planes, the records show that he also destroyed 15 enemy planes within a period of 19 days. He earned the nickname ‘Sawn Off Lockie’ by his comrades for his short stature, and shot down 21 planes (on record). Unfortunately, he was shot down on a mission near Boulogne, France in 1941, and was never seen again. Nevertheless, Lock has gone down in the history books as one of the many heroic soldiers fighting for his country in WWII.

Saving a village

Another Pilot Officer, Bill Millington was a guard patrol over Kent during the Second World War. On August 31, 1940, he encountered a large number of German Dornier and Messerschmitt aircrafts. He went straight into attack, downing one plane immediately, then evading two that were in close proximity. He shot another one down but then the German fighters began to target him. His engine took a hit, wounding him in the leg. Instead of bailing out of the plane, which would have caused his plane to crash into a small village, he manned it to clear the village and managed to escape before it exploded. For his bravery, he was awarded the DFC in October 1940.

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