Newest Tactical Gear To Hit Valhalla!

Newest Tactical Gear To Hit Valhalla!
February 27, 2019 Valhalla Tactical

With the Australian military swinging back into action for 2019, we thought it was about time we showcased a few of our latest and greatest products.
Here at Valhalla Tactical, we pride ourselves in stocking only the best tactical gear on the market; hand-picked by guys who have lived the missions and know what features to look out for. The following four high-performance products have superseded our expectations and proven reliable and essential time and again for Australian soldiers. So make sure you get ‘em in your military kit for 2019!

Merrell Moab 2 mid tactical waterproof boot

This heavy-duty boot provides outstanding heel and arch support for long days on the job. The Merrell Moab 2 mid tactical waterproof boot can withstand all types of weather and terrain, with a reliable, sturdy grip and waterproof leather upper. Stability arms have been added to the traditional Moab design for better comfort and security. The bellows tongue is also a significant advantage in this new boot, as it prevents debris from entering the shoe. The Merrell Moab 2 ensures that your feet remain dry and supported all day long.

Valhalla ghillie suit

Our latest ghillie suits are designed for durability, convenience and affordability. The long Valhalla ghillie covers two-thirds of the upper body, while the short version will conceal the upper third. The hood, shoulders, biceps and back are all covered with wide 550 cord grid work for the attachment of leaves and foliage to suit the terrain you can expect to encounter. Both ghillie suits can be worn with chest rigs or duty gear without impeding movement. The MultiCam mesh material is lightweight, yet strong, allowing for premium ventilation and a sturdy framework upon which to construct your camouflage.

Valhalla Nightwalker summer weight sleeping bag

The Valhalla Nightwalker summer weight sleeping bag is an essential item for any Australian soldier expecting to encounter tropical climates. It provides vital protection from insects and mosquitoes while remaining lightweight and breathable for comfort in warmer temperatures. One of the best features by far is the fact that it packs down to a very small size, weighing only 850 grams, which means more room in your pack and less strain on your shoulders! The Valhalla Nightwalker features Partex antibacterial inner fabric for improved hygiene during those sweaty, humid evenings, an internal pocket and a mosquito net that can be zipped over the face. This sleeping bag can be used comfortably in temperatures lowering to seven degrees Celsius.

Garmin Foretrex 601 GPS

This compact GPS navigator really packs a punch. It’s incredibly durable and boasts a very long battery life – 48 hours in navigation mode, up to 1 week in UltraTrac™ mode and up to 1 month in watch mode. The Garmin Foretrex 601 is built to military standards and can be used with night vision goggles. It will withstand extreme temperatures, sudden shocks and vibrations and being dunked in water. This wrist-mounted GPS navigator is also compatible with GLONASS and Galileo satellite systems to ensure accurate positioning. It can provide elevation data and predict weather changes by analysing trends in air pressure. For added convenience, you can receive emails, texts and alerts from your mobile, on your Garmin device. The Garmin Foretrex 601 wrist-mounted GPS is an all-in-one solution to your navigation needs, built for utility and ease of use.

After more recommendations for top-performing tactical gear? Check out our blog The Perfect Full Military Kit From Head to Toe or contact Valhalla Tactical today to discuss how we can assist you in preparing the ultimate pack for any mission.