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Western Australia survival expert, Bob Cooper, has an intimate knowledge of the Australian wilderness and what it takes to survive in the outback when the comforts of home are beyond reach. Bob conducts survival courses for government agencies and private companies from Australia and internationally, like the Texas Parks & Wildlife Rangers on desert survival. Bob has also featured in several major television documentaries from National Geographic America, BBC, Discovery Channel, The World Around Us and 60 Minutes. Bob’s range of survival products are essential when the tarmac turns to dust and your mobile coverage wanes.


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    The bright yellow, pocket-sized, light-weight blanket is designed to assist people to be rescued by signalling that emergency assistance is required now.
    Clearly displaying the word HELP, it satisfies three of the priorities for survival in any climate or condition warmth, shelter and a distress signal all in one and it can also be used for first aid. It has been designed for and tested in Australian outback conditions. Features: -Bright yellow easily seen large black print -Says HELP as a signal and that is what you need now -Windproof and Waterproof shelter -10 easy to follow sections of information -Super lightweight 2 .0 meters long x 1.3 meters wide -Emergency Shelter -Highly reflective silver side -Shock and hypothermia treatment uses
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    Outback Survival tells you what you need to do, and how, if you want to survive.
    This book takes you through every aspect of a survival situation from dealing with the fear to bush tucker and the best way to use survival kits. With over 230 pages of trustworthy information and diagrams supported by real life stories of success and disaster in the wilderness. Eight pages of full colour photographs clarify on the finer points of bushcraft. A must read for anyone who enjoys the bush. Features: -Based on Bob's tried and tested Big 5 survival tecniques, he explains how to: -Water: how to find, purify and transport -Warmth: fire and wind proofing -Shelter: against rain, cold, wind and sunRead More
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    In Australia we have around 170 species of snakes including sea snakes and burrowing snakes, 30 of which a considered to have life-threatening venom.
    Bob believes the most effective first-aid treatment for venomous snakes and many creatures is the pressure and immobilization technique. Unlike many first aid kits that contain non-elastic crepe bandages, this kit has 10 cm compression bandages that can maintain the correct pressure and will remain tight during transport of the victim. Three bandages are necessary to apply pressure to an adult male's leg. The included first aid booklet can equip you with the know-how to handle bites and stings from the following deadly Australian creatures: land, sea and burrowing snakes, funnel web spiders, blue ringed octopus, and cone shells. A must have in all first aid kits, backpacks and glove boxes. Ideal for reptile handlers and bush walkers alike. Features: -3 x 10cm compression bandages -1 x comprehensive instructional booklet -First aid for: -Snakes and Sea Snakes -Funnel Web Spider -Blue Ringed Octopus -Cone Shells
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    Developed by outback survival expert Bob Cooper, the Survival Kit contains all the necessary items for survival in the wilderness.
    Designed and tested in the outback, the kit's quality components have been selected specifically to be the most versatile and effective system of survival. Bob Cooper has identified the Big 5 priorities of survival to be water, warmth, shelter, signals, and food. Using this practical kit, in conjunction with the included instruction and survival tip sheet, you can survive in the Australian outback until you walk out or assistance arrives. Packed in a compact tin small enough to fit into a large pocket and weighing only 382 grams, it is durable and lightweight. Already used by the Australian Defence Force, pilots, government agencies, and mining companies this kit is ideal to take with you while camping, hiking and fishing, as well as for keeping in your vehicle while you are on the road. Features: -First aid items -Water procurement bags -Water sterilisation agents -Signalling devices -Fire lighting tools -Mini compass -Pocket knife -Assorted fishing gear -Mini survival cards
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