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Hatch’s protective gloves are the perfect combination of comfort, durability, flexibility and function. Crafted from top-grade leather and synthetic materials, these gloves keep your hands safe from a range of hazards while allowing maximum dexterity. The snug fit ensures a secure grip on whatever you’re handling, while the breathable fabric keeps your hands cool and comfortable during extended use. And with their superior resistance to wear and tear, they’ll provide years of reliable service.

  • Hatch Friskmaster Max Cut-Resistant Glove

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    A versatile glove constructed with Protech enhanced synthetic suede for maximum cut and needlestick puncture resistance.

    The high-stretch back of the hand provides excellent dexterity and comfort for all-day wear. The Friskmaster MAX gloves are touchscreen compatible with a seamless cuff for a snug fit. WARNING: Cut-resistant gloves are not cut-proof. Cut-resistant data is captured in a controlled laboratory setting. The data is intended to provide users a means of comparing potential glove performance but does not provide a definitive statement on the expected performance in real-world applications. Use common sense and exercise caution when encountering potential hazards.


    - ANSI Cut Resistance A9, highest rating for cut resistance - Level 5 ANSI Needlestick Puncture Resistance, highest rated level of protection from the NIJ - Protech enhanced synthetic suede palm and fingers offers max cut and needlestick puncture resistance - Touchscreen compatible finger and thumb - High-stretch back of hand with minimal decoration for uniform compliance - Seamless cuff for enhanced fit and to better accommodate large watches - Wrap-over fingertips - Reinforced thumb area
    $ 107.95
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    Hatch PPG2 Armortip Puncture Protective Gloves

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    Provides superb puncture-resistance from potentially deadly needle sticks and cuts on the leading edges of the fingertips and sides of small and index fingers.

    It features a Honeywell Spectra® liner with cut-resistant capabilities. The puncture resistance with the NIJ test protocol to the highest levels of protection where 80-90% of needle stick injuries occur yet maintain much-needed flexibility for maximum performance. This design offers optimum protection from potentially deadly needle sticks and cuts.


    - Palm is covered in suede synthetic leather - Exclusive ArmorTip™ System - Offers optimum protection on the side panels and the leading edges of the fingertips - Neoprene and nylon spandex laminated back with hook and loop closure flexes and breathes to provide maximum comfort and proper fit
    $ 107.95