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Innovative solutions that transform your workspace into a hub of efficiency and style

Established in 1976 by Owner and CEO Jackson Huang under the banner of progress, harmony, and innovation, Pao Shen Enterprises Co., Ltd has been the cornerstone of premium stationary for over 45 years. As a global authority in office products and desktop accessories, we prioritize cutting-edge research and state-of-the-art tooling to deliver superior quality items that elevate your work environment.

  • Hand Tally Counter

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    Easy-to-use, four-digit unit records up to 9999.

    Hundreds of lab applications provide opportunities to: count blood samples, take surveys, inventory items, total drops of liquid, receive lab samples, and tally biomedical events. For ease in viewing, large white numerals appear on a black background. The rugged, heavy-duty chrome-finished case has a hinged finger loop for a sure grip. Finger pressure on the button produces an audible click that signals the count. This feature provides the assurance of a registered count without looking at the counter. Metal construction is designed for reliability, long life, and hard use. Unique engineering provides a smooth, tactile feel. Compact unit is ideal for carrying in the pocket. - Metal shell with finger ring. - Fits the palm of your hand, easily portable tool. - Counts number accurately by the quick reaction speed when you press.
    $ 27.95