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  • SORD 1L Bottle Pouch

    , ,
    Made to fit the standard ADF 1L square water bottle. Nylon construction and available in genuine licensed Multicam out of the USA
    Heavy duty YKK buckle closure with MOLLE attachment (requiring 2 columns and 2 rows). Perfect for mounting to backpacks or wider belt rigs. DIMENSIONS: Height = 21cm, Width = 9.5 cm, Depth = 9.5cm
    $ 45.00
  • SORD Accessories Extra Large

    , , , ,
    Designed to hold a complete ADF issue ration pack, The Accessories Extra Large is big enough for bulky items that till recently were stored inside your pack.
    The wide mouth zip opening exposes the top and 1" down each side for easy access. Four rows of PALS across the front and two columns down the sides allow the addition of larger pouches. Drainage grommet at bottom for maritime operations. Requires four PALS columns for attachment.
    $ 64.95
  • SORD Accessories Large

    , ,
    A solid design dating back to 2005, The Accessories Large features internal elastic loops help organise kit.
    MOLLE Columns on the front allowing the attachment of smaller pouches. Requires five MOLLE columns for attachment.
    $ 59.95
  • SORD Accessories Micro

    , , , , ,
    The smallest Accessory pouch in our product line. Velcro patch large enough for standard size flag or bling.
    Twin pull tab zipper. Perfect for IFAK or misc admin gear. Drainage grommet centre bottom. Requires three MOLLE columns for attachment. DIMENSIONS: Width 11.5cm Height 11cm Depth: 5.5-6cm
    $ 27.00$ 29.95
  • SORD Admin Organiser Set

    , , , , ,
    The Admin Organiser Set is a versatile three pouch set suitable for toiletries, first aid kits, survival kits or a combination in an organised and functional layout.
    Two removeable smaller pouches, one with a clear plastic window, useable as basic IFAK or survival kit when not carrying full set. - Noseeum Mesh pockets for quick item ID. - 2 x removeable small pouches (130 x 100 x 40mm) - Folds flat for easy access. - Loop for hanging from doors or hooks. - 160grams
    $ 49.95
  • SORD Admin Panel

    , ,
    This is the accessory tool pouch you’ve always wanted. Built specifically for multi-tools, folding knives, pistol magazines, admin papers and your navigation tools.
    Three internal elastic loops secure your essentials where you can easily gain access to them in a hurry. A single lanyard eyelet has been added to the lid of the larger pouch for additional retention if required. The smaller Velcro flap pouch is large enough for the Garmin Etrex and 60C series hand held GPS units but will easily accommodate an MS2000 military strobe light or other similar sized items. The nav-aid pouch lid has been contoured specifically for GPS units such as the Garmin GPS60Cx equipped with an external antenna. Behind all these items, in its own separate twin press-stud and Velcro closed sleeve is a slot for the SORD Security Notebook. Velcro panel on front for all “bling” and ID tags. Requires five MOLLE columns for attachment
    $ 44.95
  • SORD Agile Belt Pad

    , ,
    Modular, padded, PALS panels for the attachment of items.
    Segmented hip shingles for use with drop down thigh holsters or waist band holsters that attach by way of BELT loops as opposed to MOLLE columns. Minimal bulk, supported structure with grip fabric on the rear inner facing panel to provide further stability with heavier loads. Four suspender loops provided for either a shoulder harness or lanyard duty. Sufficient room for plastic lined Police style duty belts, climbing riggers belts, some low profile climbing harnesses etc. Simply weave the Belt through from one end to the other with the buckle placed at the front. The Agile Belt Pad is non adjustable for size. NOTE: In order to maintain unhindered leg movement, it is advisable to measure while wearing work pants and a waist belt from one hip flexor around the back to the other hip flexor and use this as a working length. This will keep the front section of the belt clean and un-obstructed. The Back Pad is a standard size across the Agile Belt system  - 26.5cm (10.4")
    Size Total Length Size Panels Length
    S 65cm 19.5cm
    M 73cm 23.5cm
    L 82cm 28cm
    XL 90cm 31.5cm
    $ 139.95$ 149.95
  • SORD Agile Cobra Belt

    , ,
    Similar to our Agile Riggers Belt yet featuring the well-known Cobra Buckle.
    The Agile Cobra Belt is constructed of Type 7 nylon webbing, features 2 upper and lower runs of folded 25mm Multicam binding (stitched for MOLLE batons) and Velcro that mates with the Under Belt/Agile Belt Pad.  - ACTUAL BELT LENGTHS (Not waist size) -
    SIZE Min Length Max Length
    S 78cm 81cm
    M 87cm 92cm
    L 92cm 98cm
    XL 102cm 106cm
    XXL 107cm 112cm
    *VELCRO ZEROED Velcro zeroed refers to the Hook & Loop velcro ends being neatly aligned at the buckle end of the belt. 
    $ 124.95
  • SORD Agile Riggers Belt

    , ,
    The Agile Riggers Belt is constructed of Type 7 nylon webbing, featuring 2 upper and lower runs of folded 25mm Multicam binding (stitched for MOLLE batons), metal hardware and Velcro that mates with the Under Belt/Agile Belt Pad.
     - ACTUAL BELT LENGTHS (VELCRO ZEROED*), NOT WAIST SIZE - - Small:       32.5” +/- 1” - Medium:   35.5” +/- 1” - Large:       38.5” +/- 1” (Recommended for 34"W) - X Large:    41.5” +/- 1” - XX Large:  44.5” +/- 1” *VELCRO ZEROED Velcro zeroed refers to the Hook & Loop velcro ends being neatly aligned at the buckle end of the belt. 
    $ 89.95
  • SORD Agile Suspenders

    , , , ,
    Light weight and zero bulk with stretch fabric for shock absorption, providing additional comfort over extended periods.
    The Agile system suspenders are adjustable for length and use metal G-Hook attachment hardware that assists in supporting heavy loads.
    $ 89.95
  • SORD Agile Under Belt

    , ,
    Threaded through the users pant belt loops in place of a traditional belt.
    The under belt acts as a place keeper for either the Agile Belt Pad or Agile Riggers Belt, retaining it in position by way of Velcro. Sizing based off waist circumference, please use a flexible measuring tape to measure around your waist just below your hips being sure not to pull the tape too tight. The under belt should be a snug fit to ensure the retention of your belt pad, riggers belt or combat belt system.
    Size Min Length Max Length
    S 84cm 90cm
    M 90cm 98cm
    L 98cm 104cm
    XL 104cm 110cm
    $ 19.99
  • SORD AN/PRC 152 Tilt Pouch

    , ,
    Seasoned users of the Harris AN/PRC 152 or International HHs radios usually have 3 gripes;
    1. The need for front panel access. So we made a pouch that tilts. 2. The Radio gets pretty hot. So the pouch is made using composite materials, and 3. The length of the radio. Well we can't change the size of the radio but YOU can add the battery eliminator. Designed primarily for use in this configuration, the pouch can also be used with battery fitted. Weighing in at only 135g, you'd think we skimped on features. We think not.
    $ 64.95
  • SORD AN/PRC 152 Underwing

    , , ,
    The AN/PRC 152 Underwing is a low profile, under the cummerbund radio holder designed for the user that doesn't require speedy access to the radio's front panel.
    Features: - Worn with front of the radio facing the body providing protection for the screen and maintaining GPS/Plate standoff - User-requested side connector port access - Radio can slide in and out at either the top or bottom, providing a user-friendly battery change method - Battery eliminator (splitter) capable on both Long and Short. Long version requires re-adjustment of the Velcro base keeper - Weight-  Long : .065g and Short: .045g - AirMesh backing for comfort - Stretch fabric to form around the GPS antenna and hold the radio in tight - Ambidextrous attachment to your body armour (Left or right side) - The AN/PRC 148 MBITR radio will also fit in the pouch, however side connector options are not useable. *Radio and ancillaries not included
    $ 44.95
  • SORD Bottle Pouch Small

    , ,
    The Bottle Pouch Small is a handy belt mounted pouch to carry up to a 750ml water bottle. Also holds cans and stubbies.
    Constructed from 500D nylon in genuine licenced Multicam and including an elastic shock cord loop for retention, this is the perfect pouch for keeping a drink by your side on a hot day. *does not attach to MOLLE*
    $ 29.95
  • SORD CFA Medic Pouch

    , ,
    Designed with a tear away patch that is attached by both Velcro and a solid tuck buckle for fast one hand release operation.
    Work with your tactical med kit next to your casualty instead of on your rig where it is awkward and constantly in the way. The CFA medical cannot break free until needed. This is a must have item for any front line soldiers. Similar to an Accessories Small in size, the CFA Medic with it’s twin zippers allows the pouch to open almost flat once released exposing numerous internal elastic loops and sleeves holding ample basic medical supplies (not included) that could make the life saving difference. Requires three MOLLE columns for attachment.
    $ 79.95
  • SORD Chest Rig Back

    , ,
    Designed to work in conjunction with the SORD Chest Rig Front. The Chest Rig Back is a low profile platform suppliment that will greatly increase your modular load carrying capability.
    Quick and easy installation with the 6 fastex clips attached to adjustable web straps. An internal rear sleeve will hold an issue 10" x 12" ceramic plate, the Chest Rig Front holds the front 10" x 12" plate, providing both front and back protection. One size fits all.
    $ 159.95
  • SORD Commander Panel Large

    , ,
    Allows the use of maps and other navigational items on a flat clean, protected surface.
    Six PALS columns wide on the front allows sufficient space for the attachment of extra pouches. Also comes with a removable transparent map pouch and elastic loops to hold pens, compass, protractor etc.
    $ 79.95
  • SORD Commander Panel Small

    , ,
    Allows the use of maps and other navigational items on a flat clean, protected surface.
    Three PALS columns wide on the front allows sufficient space for the attachment of extra small pouches. Comes with internal elastic loops to hold pens and other small essential items.
    $ 49.95
  • SORD CPP Grab Bag

    , , ,
    Designed with the aid of CPP teams operating in hostile environments, this Grab Bag is primarily intended for use in vehicle operations, either stowed in the footwell or a over-the-headrest gear organiser.
    Versatile enough for use as a kit-bag, magazine/ammo bag, medic kit or covert-carry rig. Features: • Two large main compartments (both velcro loop lined) • Top flap folds back and converts to headrest attachment point • Rear main compartment folds out flat for easy access to gear and pouches • Rear slot pocket for smaller items and Document pocket on the main flap • MOLLE on sides and top flap for attachment of additional items or pouches This bag also comes equipped with 6 removable, velcro backed pouches for organising your kit. Swap out pouches according to mission requirements. Additional velcro pouches and accessories available soon. • x2 Large, top zippered pouches • x3 Small, top zippered pouches • x1 Large, from slot zippered pouch Dimensions (approximate): • Overall - W 290mm, H 160mm, D 240mm (approx 11 Litres of storage) • Main compartments - W 280mm, H 150mm, D130mm (each) • Large Pouches - W 135mm, H 150mm, D 75mm (each) • Small Pouches - W 90mm, H 150mm, D 75mm (each)
    $ 160.00
  • SORD Dive Bag

    , ,
    Constructed of heavy duty 1000 Denier Cordura, YKK #10 zips, and "soft" seat belt straps for enhanced comfort and strength.
    Large main lockable compartment, two large lockable zipped side compartments and two end pouches with velcro lids. Reinforced bottom with full wrap around seat belt webbing straps. Dimensions: 720mm x 400mm x 400mm.
    $ 249.00
  • SORD Dive Bag Small

    , ,
    Constructed of heavy duty 1000 Denier Cordura, YKK #10 zips, and "soft" seat belt straps for enhanced comfort and strength.
    Large main compartment, two large zipped side compartments and two zipped end pouches. 30% Smaller than the original Dive Bag.
    $ 189.00$ 229.00
  • SORD Drop Gas Bag

    , , , ,
    Attaches to any SORD platform with the Velcro sandwich on the bottom edge. Drop gas bag rolls up and out of the way with a single Fastex clip.
    Easily deployable in a single action and can be used either as a gas mask carrier or a drop down ammunition dump pouch.
    $ 41.50
  • SORD Dry Bag

    , ,
    A must have piece of kit that will keep items safe from rain, snow, dust & sand.
    Can be used to waterproof items inside your pack, line your pack or as organisers. Available in 3 sizes Small (10L), Medium (15L) & Large (20L).
    $ 10.00$ 20.00
  • SORD Dump Pouch

    , , ,
    The tightest and most compact dump pouch around. Only one column wide, opens out in one quick simple motion.
    The tapered bag design minimises spillage of spent magazines and documents by acting as a choke point. This pouch, being so small will attach almost anywhere with ease. Requires one MOLLE column for attachment.
    $ 59.00