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TacLace is the revolutionary boot lacing system that makes it easy as pull, cinch and wrap to tie your boots tight. For outdoorsmen, hunters, hikers, construction or military personnel who need reliable footwear security without wasting time and energy on traditional shoe lacing methods, TacLace is a must-have addition to their gear.

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    The fastest and most innovative way to secure your laces.
    After first time set up simply pull, cinch, and wrap. Now you're on your feet and ready to go! Ensure you have 17 inches of excess laces with your boots on for TacLaceTM to function properly. Two are in each package, i.e. one set outfits one pair of boots. The actual size of the laces required for your boots depends on ankle size, width of boot opening, height, etc. Each set of Coyote Tan TacLaces comes with Desert Tan 84″ laces to ensure you have the 17″ of excess (If too long, simply adjust your TacLace down the laces and cut the laces to length). 10″ boots will require 96″ laces. All Mil-Spec material. Patent Pending.
    $ 29.95