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Count on Valhalla Tactical to provide you with a practical and functional lineup of Notepads and Stationeries. From waterproof notebooks to tactical notepads, pens, protractors and notebook covers, all these items are built for strength. So whether you’re trekking through the wilderness or need something professional for the office, our products will stand up to the toughest of conditions.

  • Elite Tactical Pen with Glass Breaker

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    This tactical pen is designed for police or emergency service

    Who rely on a strong sturdy pen and the convenience of a glassbreaker for emergency situations. It would also be the perfect everyday pen to keep in your car for those emergency situations, whether it be writing that last minute gift card or the glassbreaker tip when you need to escape.


    - CNC aluminium body for strength - Takes standard ink refills - Emergency glass breaker tip - Pen tip
    $ 39.90

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    Easy-to-use, four-digit unit records up to 9999. Hundreds of lab applications provide opportunities to: count blood samples, take surveys, inventory items, total drops of liquid, receive lab samples, and tally biomedical events.
    For ease in viewing, large white numerals appear on a black background. The rugged, heavy-duty chrome-finished case has a hinged finger loop for a sure grip. Finger pressure on the button produces an audible click that signals the count. This feature provides the assurance of a registered count without looking at the counter. Metal construction is designed for reliability, long life, and hard use. Unique engineering provides a smooth, tactile feel. Compact unit is ideal for carrying in the pocket. - Metal shell with finger ring. - Fits the palm of your hand, easily portable tool. - Counts number accurately by the quick reaction speed when you press.
    $ 27.95
  • Hardcore Hardware TWI-02 Tactical Pen

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    The Hardcore Hardware Australia TWI-02 showcases a recessed crown, granting optimal thumb control, and comes equipped with an integrated steel pocket clip for added convenience.

    At the opposing end, the TWI-02 incorporates a 46-48 HRC steel ‘ball’ tip for emergency glass break applications. The entire shaft of the pen is constructed from 6000 series, non-reflective, black anodized aluminum for extreme longevity and wearability. An O-ring seal is included, making it completely waterproof when the cap is screwed down over the writing tip, while the opposing end features a ‘click on’ feature for the cap. Knurling at key points along the pen aids a positive grip. When it comes time to replace the refill, the TWI-02 accepts standard Parker and Fisher Space Pen refills, which are known for their superior performance.


    Description: Tactical Pen Action: Screw Cap Finish Pen Body: Anodized Finish Pocket Clip: PVD Ink Cartridge: Contains Pressurized Ink Cartridge. Carry: Pocket Material: Aluminium (6061-T6) Material Pocket Clip: Stainless Steel Material Glass Breaker: Steel Diameter: 0.54” (13.70mm) Overall Length: 5.86” (149mm) Overall Weight: 1.83oz. (52g)
    $ 60.00
  • Krieger Large Notebook Cover

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    Expertly crafted to fit the ADF Field Message Notebook seamlessly.

    Created with precision and durability in mind, this cover is proudly made in Australia to ensure top-notch quality. Keep your important notes safe and organized in style by adding the Krieger Large Notebook Cover to your collection today.
    $ 24.95
  • Military Template Tech 6In RAA Semi Circle Protractor

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    Experience precision and durability with the digitally printed Military Template Tech 6IN RAA Semi Circle Protractor.

    Constructed from UV-resistant 1.5 mm polycarbonate and featuring waterproof, UV-stable ink, this protractor is built to withstand the elements. Laser-cut with an impressive accuracy of +/- 0.25 mm, it's the perfect tool for precise measurements in any condition.

    Edges are bevelled to 30 degrees and Roamer plotting holes are countersunk. A semi-waxed 0.8 mm polyester thread of over 600 mm is attached to each protractor. NSN 6675-66-108-4268


    Size: 100 x 160 x 1.5 mm
    Manufacture: Digitally printed, laser cut and CNC machined
    Protractor: Degrees and Mils
    6 Fig Roamers: 1:25,000 1:50,000 and 1:100,000
    Other Features: 600 mm String
    $ 35.20
  • Military Template Tech GPS Plotting Protractor

    Military Template Tech GPS Plotting Protractor

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    The GPS Plotting Protractor is the only protractor that can plot and measure an eight-figure grid reference on a map

    Using its unique sloping scale system for plotting accurately down to ten meters of accuracy. Finally you can plot on a paper map with the same accuracy as your GPS can provide. The protractor comes with detailed instructions covering all aspects of land navigation. These protractors are digitally printed on the underside of 1.5mm thick plastic to avoid parallax error. They are then laser cut to an accuracy of +/- 0.25 mm. Colours may vary.


    Size: 115 x 150 x 1 mm
    Manufacture Digitally printed, Tedlar laminated and laser cut
    Protractor: Degrees and Mils
    6 Fig Roamers: 1:25,000, 1:50,000 & 1:100,000
    8 Fig Roamers: 1:50,000 & 1:25,000
    Other Features: Range Finding Sector Basic Map Marking Shapes Australian Technology Showcase Award
    $ 35.20
  • Military Template Tech Vui-Tui Map Marking Protractor 1

    Military Template Tech Vui-Tui Marking Protractor

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    This 1.5mm thick plastic protractor fits conveniently inside a Vui Tui Field Message Notebook cover, allowing troops to have the essential resources they need right on hand.

    With 360-degree precision and digitally printed on the underside of 1.5mm thick plastic to avoid parallax error and added Warfighting Symbology shapes, troops can easily plan and execute missions confidently. It is laser cut to an accuracy of +/- 0.25 mm, and colour may vary from the picture.


    Size: 100 x 130 x 1.5 mm
    Manufacture: Digitally printed, Tedlar laminated and laser cut
    Protractor: Mils
    6 Fig Roamers: 1:25,000 1:50,000 and 1:100,000
    Other Features: Range Finding Sector Basic Map Marking Shapes
    $ 35.20
  • Military Template Tech Warfighting Symbology Stencil 1

    Military Template Tech Warfighting Symbology Stencil

    , , ,

    Make mapping and drawing military operations simple with the Military Template Tech Warfighting Symbology Stencil.

    This advanced stencil is designed in accordance to DOD STD 2525B and TIB 82, allowing you to easily draw unit symbols, equipment symbols and many other symbols from this symbol set. With this stencil, you can save time making maps or diagrams of a military mission without breaking the rules of the Standardization Agreement (STANAG). Create better visualizations faster. This stencil comes with a pocket guide to Warfighting Symbology. Colour may vary.
    $ 33.00
  • Platatac 980 Notebook Cover

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    The Platatac 980 notebook cover will fit one 980T notebook,

    The cover features 5 pen slots one hidden horizontal pocket and one vertical pocket. The cover is made from 500 denier abrasion resistant nylon. 220mm (H) x 145mm(W) x 25mm (D) approx. **Notebook and accessories not included


    - Weighs 70 grams - 75mm x 55mm Velcro field for patches - YKK zip - 5 pen/pencil slots - 500 denier nylon
    $ 49.00
  • Platatac A5 Op Notebook Cover

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    Designed around the need to hold an A5 notebook for OP kits but not just limited to it

    This will hold all necessary items for sketching, note taking and data recording. Made with the intent of having the log book horizontal to have the map insert facing the ground you are.


    - Will hold an A5 field survey notebook inside. - Can hold an iPad mini - Small internal zippered pocket on notebook flap for sundry items. - PVC window for small section of map, GRG or ground orientation sketch. - Small open pocket for extra items i.e. range card, compass or protractor. - Covered external pen/pencil holders - Internal elastic loops for extra pencils/pens **Notebook and accessories not included
    $ 79.95
  • Platatac All-Weather Notebook Cover

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    Introducing the Platatac All-Weather Notebook Cover, designed with the minimalist in mind.

    This sleek cover is tailored for the Platatac All Weather Notebook, offering a no-frills design that emphasizes simplicity and functionality.

    Constructed with an elastic notebook slot, four elastic loops for stationary, and a discreet shock cord toggle for quiet opening, this cover prioritizes practicality without unnecessary bulk. Its slim and lightweight profile makes it an ideal fit for your chest pocket, ensuring easy access while on the go.


    - Fits your Snugpak All Weather Notebook with four pens or pencils (not included) - Built from 500 Denier Cordura tactical nylon - Shock cord loop and toggle closure - Weighs 125 grams with a notebook - Dimensions 155mm H x 105mm W x 15mm D (closed) - Velcro Pile for ANF or IFF Patch
    $ 39.00
  • Platatac All-Weather Notebook Cover Zippered

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    The Platatac All-Weather Notebook Cover zippered is a 'back to basics' style cover for our All-Weather Lined & Grid Notebook.

    Featuring a full zip-around opening, four loops for stationary and an external open-top sleeve the All-Weather Notebook Cover zippered is slim and lightweight making it perfect for the chest pocket.


    - Designed to fit the Platatac All-Weather Lined & Grid Notebook (not included) - Full zippered closure/opens up flat - Four internal writing implement sleeves - External open-top sleeve - Pile velcro to attach ANF/Callsign patch


    - 60 grams/2.1 Oz - Made from 500D Cordura Nylon - 130mm W x 170mm H x 10mm D
    $ 39.00
  • Platatac Brit Zip Field Side Opening Notebook Cover

    Platatac Brit Zip Field Side Opening Notebook Cover

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    The Platatac Brit Zip Field Side Opening Notebook Cover helps you stay organised and ready for any situation.

    With multiple sleeves and pockets, the Platatac Brit Zip side opening field notebook cover is ideal for junior leaders and commanders to keep orders notes, tab data, SOPs, radio freqs and any other mission-critical information all in one location and for making you look like an admin jet.


    – Zippered book opening style design, which can be laid flat to make writing notes easier – Dual sleeves to accommodate the field message notebook or Snugpak Water Resistant Notebook and a 20-page viewee twoee – Dual interior PVC window sections to insert a GRG, picket list or other quick reference notes. – 7 x elastic sleeves for pens, pencils or map marking pens – 4 x additional sleeves on the internal divider for additional storage – 2 x interior vertical access sleeves to hold additional paperwork like spare NOK and NTI forms – 1 x 14cm x 11.5cm open pocket on the rear to hold a protractor, range card or OFOF cards – Velcro sandwich to accommodate the Platatac viewee twoee Velcro inserts (coming soon) – Velcro field on the front to attach ANFs, Unit patch or nametape – 19cm h x 15cm w when closed – 19cm h x 30cm w when opened flat – Weight: 150g – Available in Multicam, Terra Firma and Auscam. Notebook and accessories not included
    $ 59.00
  • Platatac Brit Zip MK2 Notebook Cover

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    The upgraded version of Platatac's ever popular Brit Zip notebook cover.

    The new and improved Brit Zip MK2 notebook cover is specifically designed for the soldier in mind, it will hold and keep all your necessary items for note taking, navigation and data recording easily accessible, organised and dry.


    - Zippered top open design - Designed to hold the in service field message notebook or Snugpak Water Resistant and a 20-page viewee twoee. - 4 x pleated pen sleeves located under pocket flap - 6 x elastic pen holders in pocket under flap - 1 x open pocket on rear to hold protractor, range or OFOF cards - 1 x interior PVC window section to insert a GRG, ground orientation sketch or other quick reference notes. - 2 x interior sleeves to hold additional items - Velcro on the front to attach ANFs or nametapes. - 15cm h x 14cm w when closed - 34cm h x 14cm w when opened - Weight 150g Notebook and accessories not included.
    $ 59.00
  • Platatac CSI Folder

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    The PLATATAC CSI Folder is designed for all your personal admin while on the go.

    Sized at an oversized a4, it's perfect for carrying a4-sized notebooks & documents, tablets, mobile phones, pens, and other essential admin items. Internal storage comprises of an a4-sized clipboard, card holders, pen pockets, and two small general purchase pouches. Integrated carry handles make carrying easy, and a velcro field & a business card-sized window pocket help with identification.


    - A4 sized folder - Large Velcro patch and business card window on the front - 2x A4 sized document/map windows - Zips open to reveal: - 2 x Internal document pouches - 4 card holder sleeves - 3x Pen pockets, and; - 1 x torch/multitool sleeves - 2 small general purpose pouches (1 x Velcro closure (12cm x 15cm; 1 x Mesh with elastic top (12cm x 10cm) - Clipboard on the right-hand side - Carry handles - Accessories pictured not included.


    - 300mm (W) x 325mm (H) x 2omm (D) Closed - 600mm (W) x 325mm (H) x 2omm (D) Open
    $ 89.95
  • Rite in The Rain Mechanical Clicker Pencil w/Clip Refillable – Black Lead

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    Introducing Rite in the Rain's all-weather mechanical clicker pencils, designed to be tough, dependable, and refillable for reliable use in any environment.


    GLOVE-FRIENDLY: The knurled-metal grip and one-hand click lead advancement offer glove-friendly handling. THICK LEAD: The 1.3mm lead won't snap at the tip or break in the shaft, so you can write in a notebook just as easily as it can mark lumber. EASY TO RELOAD: Simply drop a single lead into the shaft under the eraser cap. Refills for the thick leads and clean erasers are available.
    $ 29.95
  • RITR 104 Field Interview Notebook

    , ,


    Impact-resistant Wire-O doesn't get bent out of shape when tossed around in packs or your uniform pocket.


    A tough Polydura cover protects this form, designed to assist with Field Interviews during investigations.


    Defend your notes against the elements with water-resistant Rite in the Rain Paper.


    SIZE: 3" x 5.25" x .375" WEIGHT: .12 lbs / 54 g MANUFACTURED: U.S.A.
    $ 17.95
  • RITR 112 EMS Vital Stats Notebook

    , ,


    Impact-resistant Wire-O won't get bent out of shape when tossed around in your responder gear.


    A tough Polydura cover protects a form designed to assist emergency personnel in gathering pertinent patient information.


    Your emergency notes will survive the hospital and the elements with water-resistant Rite in the Rain Paper.
    $ 17.95
  • RITR 37R All-Weather Pen Refill Black Ink

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    While a pencil works great on our All-Weather products, sometimes you just need a pen. Don't worry about running out of ink, refills fit all All-Weather pens. 3 1/2 in long refill. Size - 3 1/2 in long Weight - 0.02 lbs NSN - 7510-01-498-188
    $ 26.95
  • RITR 3×5 Top Spiral Kit

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    Something to write with, something to write on, and somewhere to keep it all organized

    Rite in the Rain kits keep you writing through water, mud, grease, & more.


    - WATERPROOF NOTEBOOK COVER: Polydura material creates a tough but flexible outer shell. Whether you're needing a hiking journal, outfitting your police gear, starting a golf journal, or just keeping a shower notebook, the Polydura Cover material will defend your field notes from scratches and stains. - WIRE-O BINDING: Tough impact-resistant Wire-O binding won't lose its shape in your back pocket or backpack. Unlike a standard spiral notebook, Wire-O keeps your open pages aligned and intact - WEATHERPROOF PAPER: 100 pages / 50 sheets per pocket notepad. All-weather paper won't turn to mush when wet and will repel water, sweat, grease, mud, and even survive the accidental laundry mishap. Make sure your pocket notebook stays RIGHT in the Rain. - CORDURA COVER: Through storms, travel, and daily wear and tear, Rite in the Rain pouches and covers can take a pounding while protecting and organizing your notes. CORDURA Fabric resists moisture and tearing, and reliable YKK zippers zip consistently and easily. Sewn-in pen slots keep your preferred utensil handy, and each cover is designed to snugly fit a corresponding Rite in the Rain product. You can rely on Rite in the Rain covers to keep your notes safe and sound through thick and thin. - WRITE IN THE RAIN: When wet, use a standard pencil or an all-weather Rite in the Rain pen. Standard ballpoints and permanent markers will work when paper is dry. Water-based inks will bead or wash off Rite in the Rain Paper
    $ 114.95$ 143.95
  • RITR 47R All-Weather Pen Refill Blue Ink

    , ,
    While a pencil works great on our All-Weather products, sometimes you just need a pen. Don't worry about running out of ink, refills fit all All-Weather pens. 3 1/2 in long refill. Size - 3 1/2 in long Weight - 0.02 lbs NSN - 7510-01-544-9469
    $ 26.95
  • RITR 57R All-Weather Pen Refill Red Ink

    , ,

    Ensure that you never run out of ink with the RITR 57R All-Weather Pen Refill in red ink.

    Compatible with all All-Weather pens, this refill is perfect when you need to switch from pencil to pen. Measuring at 3 1/2 inches in length, this refill ensures a smooth and continuous writing experience on any adventure or task. Stay equipped and ready with these reliable pen refills by your side.


    Size - 3 1/2 in long Weight - 0.02 lbs NSN - 7510-01-544-9466
    $ 26.95
  • RITR 93 All-Weather Durable Clicker Pen - Black 1

    RITR 93 All-Weather Durable Clicker Pen

    , ,

    Take writing to the extreme with RITR 93 All-Weather Durable Clicker Pen!

    The RITR 93 All-Weather Durable Clicker Pen is essential for any situation. It features a pressurised ink cartridge that can write on wet paper and even upside down, so your notes stay legible no matter what environment you’re in. Plus, it will perform in temperatures from -30F to 250F without the risk of leaking, evaporating or blowing up in your pocket! Available in Black, Blue or Red ink Size – 5 3/8 inch long Weight – 18 g
    $ 44.95