Summer Survival Tips

Summer Survival Tips
January 10, 2020 Valhalla Tactical

Australian summer heat can be sweltering and dangerous. For many of us, our adventurous nature can sometimes find us in tricky situations where we are forced to survive for A period of time before we are once again comfortable and safe. At Valhalla, we know these circumstances well from missions that we have undertaken and it is our goal to help you see out any survival situations that you may face. Read our tips on how to survive in the summer.

Stay cool

Staying cool is a vital step for survival during the summer. Keeping your body at a regular temperature may be difficult in summer but there are ways to conserve it. If you have access to shade, utilise it to the best of your ability and take rest periods in this area. Protecting the top of your head from the direct sun will also help you to maintain your temperature, if you do not have a hat, use either an item of clothing or other accessible materials to fashion a protective head layer. Trying to stay as relaxed as possible will also help to keep your temperature low.

Be wise with your water

Dehydration is the largest killer in summer survival circumstances. When combining the frantic activity that most people tend to display in these type of situations with the hot temperatures of summer, we sweat, losing fluids at faster than normal rates, dehydrating our bodies. If you are embarking on any mission or risky activity ensure to consume water beforehand as well as bring a day supply of drinking water. If you do have access to water during a survival circumstance, use it sparingly and ration your consumption. You can assess your level of dehydration through the colour of your urine, the lighter the colour, the more hydrated you are.

Keep track of your tracks

In times of survival, it is very easy to become overwhelmed. Anxious tendencies are likely to be at their full force which can result in dangerous and unwise behaviours. When beginning to make your move towards safety, it’s important to keep track of where you have and haven’t ventured. Use a system, whether it be leaving rocks in a particular pattern or tracing a symbol in the dirt or sand, make it easy for yourself to remember where you have been.

Prepare yourself

When venturing into the wilderness you should always keep in mind that there is the potential for something to go wrong. Fill your pack with everything you need for a little longer than you originally intend on being gone for. This means to bring clothing for unexpected weather conditions, a secure sleeping set up and extra water or a portable water filtration system. You will thank yourself if you ever get stuck!

At Valhalla, we have all the gear to kit you out for your next mission. Our expertise has helped us to select a range that is sure to help you in any situation that you may be thrown into. For more information on how our products can best help you, contact us today!