The best tactical pouches and platforms for military and security personnel

The best tactical pouches and platforms for military and security personnel
February 22, 2019 Valhalla Tactical

Most of the time, civilian backpacks or carry pouches just aren’t going to cut it with the work that we do. As military and security personnel, we need pouches and platforms that are way tougher than you can get at your chain outdoor store. Often, your tactical pouches and packs have to be sturdy and reliable enough to get through the dirtiest and nastiest of missions, but lightweight enough for you to carry them around for days – if not weeks – on end. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the best tactical pouches, platforms and packs for military, law enforcement and security personnel.

Remain in fighting-shape with this reliable hydration pouch and bladder

When it comes to any combat or security situation, we all know how important it is to keep well hydrated. Water is key, but you’re going to need a tough and reliable tactical hydration pouch which is made to last any situation, from the desert to the street. That’s why the team here at Valhalla Tactical recommend CamelBak’s Omega Water Beast. Specially designed for military personnel and law enforcement, CamelBak’s Water Beast is designed to withstand tough combat conditions with extra burst-and-puncture resistant material. If you’re a bit more old school though, then the popular Tasmanian Tiger canteen pouch is for you.

Know the situation with sturdy and secure radio pouches

From securing an area for a VIP client to maneuvering your team in a training exercise, you have to be in constant contact with your comrades and your superiors. That’s why you need a sturdy radio pouch. There’s nothing worse than finding out water got into your radio or that your radio fell out of the pouch kilometres back. Losing your radio could even be life-threatening. With 5.11 Tactical’s Radio Pouch, you can rest assured that your radio will always be by your side. Lightweight and easily integrated into your existing loadout, the Radio Pouch comes with a secure locking clasp and elastic cord to keep your radio securely in place.

Keep light on your feet in any scenario with these lightweight combat platforms

When you’re in a situation where you need to be light and nimble, then you cannot afford to have your gear wearing you down. Whether you’re busting in some doors or hitting the trails, you need lightweight tactical gear that works for you. Condor Outdoor, who we are big fans of, make some excellent lightweight combat gear which is perfect for security, military, and even outdoor usage. The Condor Rapid Assault Chest Rig is a popular choice for defence personnel due to its modular webbing design and six open-top M4 mag pouches Condor also does lightweight tactical packs, like their much-loved Condor Venture Pack, which comes with all you expect from a three-day pack, but with all the added bonuses of a detachable waist belt, side compression straps and more.

Improve any off-the-shelf pack with this military-grade frame and pad set

We all know that off-the-shelf civilian packs are really not suited for our military or security needs. But with a bit of tactical modification, any civilian pack can be turned into a new combat-ready piece of equipment. One of our most popular platforms at Valhalla Tactical is Down East Innovation’s MC 1606 Frame, designed for the US Marine Corps, combined with our own Valhalla Enhanced Shoulder Pads. From the smallest soldier to the largest hiker, the MC 1606 is built for superior field durability and is designed to suit the latest in ergonomic backpack design. Our Enhanced Shoulder Pads can accommodate heavy, multi-week loads, making them the perfect combination with the MC 1606. If you want to supercharge your pack and give yourself a definite advantage, then this is the modification you need today.

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