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    PAANY! is an exciting new water-filtration product manufactured by Unimatec Chemicals in Germany.
    Using your PAANY!, you can safely drink water from the tap, bore, well or even a creek or river, for the PAANY! removes disease-causing microorganisms that can make you sick. As a portable, personal micro-filter, PAANY! is highly effective at removing germs that commonly cause sickness, which means up to 99.9999% of protozoa and bacteria such as: - Giardia lamblia (Beaver Fever) - Cryptosporidium parvum - Campylobacter - Coli - Pseudomonas - Aeruginosa, - Shigella - Salmonella Purified water flows through the hollow fibre centre, to be collected at the outlet of each module as filtrate. PAANY! is designed to flow freely, so you don’t have to suck hard! In fact, your PAANY! can allow you to drink flowing water, which can help in providing safe water to babies and children. After use, simply rinse the outside of your PAANY! filter with water. The bottle for PAANY! is manufactured from silicon, so is BPA free. Specifications: - Type of filtration: Microfiltration - Filter Colour: Ivory white - Weight: Approx. 18 g - Max. temp. limit: Up to 40°C (for application) - Recommended storage temperature: 5°C – 35°C - Bacteria retention level: Up to 99.9999 % - Nominal pore size: 0,2 μm - Module length: 110 mm - Module width: max. 25 mm - Flow rate: ~1-2 litre/min - Lifetime capacity: Up to 1000 litres
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