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About Us

We know tactical gear like the back of our hands.

Valhalla Tactical takes military-standard gear to the next level to make your missions easier. Our packs are designed to sit more comfortably on your shoulders, our pouches are more versatile, our clothing is stitched with the toughest threads and our sleeping gear is customised to climate.

We started Valhalla because we know what it’s like to carry 90L on your back and not have the right amount of support. We’ve felt what it’s like to be in freezing conditions with a sleeping bag that’s colder than your Sunday beer. We’ve experienced rough nights, gnarly days, long hikes and tiresome journeys.

We’ve lived the missions you’re about to embark on. We want to help you live them better.

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    This pack is has been the most sought after pack on the Australian market for more than 10 years, thanks to its versatility and durability. The MKII has the ability to reduce in size from a large operational pack to a three day patrol pack by quickly and simply removing the 2 side pouches and joining the side zips. Features: - 2 x 3 Litre detachable side pouches - 2 x 2 Litre South african pouches - 2 x Wide ration pack pouches - 2 x Small utility pouches - 1 x Dual zipped Claymore pouchon the lid - An 85 litre capacity Hutchie compartment in the lid - Hidden ET tool attachment behind front pouches - Internal zipped divider - Internal radio pouch - Side access to sleeping bag compartment - 20mm closed cell foam in frame pad for extra shoulder comfort
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    Official A.D.F. CAF approved boots - buy and wear them with confidence!
    Design: The Garmont T8 Multi-Terrain boot has propelled tactical footwear into the 21st Century by combining hiking and trail running technology and applying it to the harsh conditions and arduous operating environments that the modern soldier endures. Features: - Super Vibrum sole for maximum traction, stability and maximum shock reduction in most environments or surfaces. - Constructed from a tapered Nylon woven footboard with a custom designed insole. - Foot bed cup system that makes the boot work with the rest of your body providing superior stability and reducing stress on the ankles and knees. - Entry way is constructed from a swept back concept to allow a snug, comfortable, fully supported fit without all the unnecessary padding. - Upper is constructed from abrasion resistant, split grain leather combined with DD Diamesh for excellent breathing and ventilation. - Zero optical refraction hardware with roller bearing and hook less rigging proof hardware that make the T8 operate flawlessly in all operating environments whether is be ground or airborne operations. - Foot bed cup system and heel retention strapping system facilitate maximum stability and support in nearly all conditions and environments. - Lightweight, rugged and durable construction - performs in all conditions. - Dries rapidly in amphibious or extremely wet climates. - Quad stitching. - Heavy-duty but lightweight outer. Specifications: Size (U.S): 6 -14 Weight: Only 0.7kg
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    Built for the tough jobs and delivers 70 oz (2L) of on-the-go hydration.
    Features: - Tear-away harness helps prevent accidents - Double-insulated carrier helps keep water cool - Convenient stow pocket holds keys and other essentials - Integrated cover keeps Antidote® Access Port clean and protected - Bite valve cover keeps bite valve clean from dirt and debris Specifications: WEIGHT: 490g VOLUME: 2L WIDTH: 4cm HEIGHT: 35cm DEPTH: 24cm
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    The newly redesigned Solstice™ is a full-featured pack that shifts your load—and most importantly, your water supply—down towards your waist.
    That small change gives you a lower centre of gravity and a wider range of motion, which makes it easier to maneuver as you’re barreling downhill. The Solstice also stores enough water and gear for a full day on the trail with a 3-litre Crux reservoir. Thoughtful design for gear organization means you can carry your armour, full-face helmet, included tool organizer roll, and plenty more within reach. And women's-specific design ensures great comfort with an S-shaped harness that curves comfortably around your chest, and a slightly shorter back panel for a more ergonomic fit. Features: - 3L Crux™ LR Reservoir with Quick Link: Faster flow rate powers longer adventures - Women Specific Design: Engineered to better and more comfortably fit a woman's frame - Ergonomic S-Shaped Harness: Better fits the contours of a woman's frame - Women Specific Ventilated Hip Belt with Cargo Pockets: Wide waist belt optimizes fit and keeps essentials close at hand - Stabilizing Shoulder Yoke: Keeps the pack centred on your back for additional stability and range of movement - Magnetic Tube Trap: Keeps your tube secure and accessible when you need it - Helmet and Armor Carry: Stow and secure a full-face helmet, knee and elbow pads - Ventilated Back Panel: Maximized ventilation for increased riding comfort - Removable Bike Tool Organizer Roll: Stash your CO2 cartridges, patch kits and more, roll it up and tuck it away - Adjustable Sternum Strap: Comfortable fit for a wide variety of chest sizes - Cargo Compression: Keep your gear close to your body for better balance and increased pack stability - Stretch Overflow Pocket: Quickly stash or shed a layer or rain shell Specifications: WEIGHT: 600 G TORSO FIT RANGE: 38-48 CM TOTAL CAPACITY: 10 L CARGO ONLY CAPACITY: 7 L VOLUME: 3 L
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