Back Country Cuisine One Day Ration Packs

Back Country Cuisine One Day Ration Packs

Back Country Cuisine One Day Ration Packs

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Lightweight and compact, Back Country Cuisine Ration Packs meet the energy and nutrient needs for the day-long adventure. Preparation of the Ration Packs is simple – just add water.

Back Country Cuisine meals are formulated to meet the high energy needs of outdoor activity and our products have a careful mix of the essential components needed for a healthy diet. This includes balanced carbohydrates and sugars for instant energy, protein to replenish exhausted muscles and oils and fats to keep you feeling full.

LESS WEIGHT: Freeze-drying removes the moisture from food making it much lighter and easier to carry.

QUICK TO HYDRATE: Delicious meals that can be prepared in 10 minutes.

LONG LASTING: Packed in nitrogen flushed heavy-duty foil pouches, keeps the food safe for at least three years without the need for preservatives.

HIGH ENERGY: There is a careful balance of carbohydrates and sugars for instant energy and protein to replenish exhausted muscles.

NATURAL VITAMINS: Freeze drying retains the natural vitamins in the food because of the low temperatures used in processing.

*Packaging may vary


-All products are made without peanuts as ingredients
-Each pack contains approx 13,000KJ (3,100calories) of food energy and a good mix of protein, carbs, vegetables.
-Breakfasts, lunches and dinners are prepared in the pack by adding hot water, (cold water in case of cereals).
-Snacks are ready-to-eat.
-Each pack less than 2 liters volume.
-Packs should be stored in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight.
-Best used within 3 years of packing. Components of un-opened, undamaged, appropriately stored packs are safe-to-eat beyond 3 years but appearance and flavor can change.


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