Powertraveller Tactical Powergorilla

Powertraveller Tactical Powergorilla

Powertraveller Tactical Powergorilla

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The Powertraveller Tactical Powergorilla is an ultimate power solution for those who need long-lasting, reliable power on the go.

It features a high-density 24000mAh high-density lithium polymer battery that can provide up to 6 extra hours, enabling you to keep laptops and other devices powered for longer depending on their specifications. With its multi-voltage functionality and ability to simultaneously charge from the 5V USB with outputs of 5V, 12V, 16V, 19V and 24V, this portable powerhouse is suitable for your mobile devices such as phones, iPods, headlamps, laptops, netbooks, SLR cameras and more.

What can the Tactical PowerGorilla recharge?

Laptop: 1 time | Tablet – 2 to 3 times

Smartphone: 8 to 10 times | Sat Phone – 3 to 5 times

GPS: 15 to 17 times | Action Camera – 12 to 14 times

SLR Camera: 4 to 6 times | Smartwatch – 40 times

Head Torch: 15 to 17 times

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