Valhalla Hoochie ACC

Valhalla Hoochie ACC

Valhalla Hoochie ACC

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VALHALLA’s founder and CEO, served in the Infantry for many years on numerous deployments, and has firsthand knowledge of the importance of lightening the load.

He has tasked the R&D team to design gear which has multiple uses. The R&D department have taken the standard issue Hoochie and enhanced it by making it lighter and stronger. This is a vital piece of kit when the heavens open, or when you need some shade during the day in the defence position.


For over thirty years, the CEO and founder of VALLHALA Tactical, has had firsthand experience using tactical equipment, serving on operations and in the training environment within the ADF (Infantry). Since leaving the ADF, he has devoted his life to the development and sourcing of innovative new products, that supplement the current issued equipment and ensure our soldiers are able to complete their operational tasks effectively, safely and with relative comfort. When the ADF introduced the Soldier Combat Ensemble, using the new AMCU (camouflage), the team at VALHALLA decided NOT to copy the AMCU pattern like other less reputable companies have done in the past with AUSCAM. Instead, they decided to design their own camouflage that would be compatible to be used with the issued AMCU and the US designed Multicam. Over the last 12 months, the management team, along with the R&D team, have collaborated with one of Australia’s best graphic designers and camouflage experts.

As a result, they have developed Australian Compatible Camouflage (ACC). ACC will be introduced over the next 6 months with equipment that is not issued, but supplements and compliments the current issued equipment (i.e. sleeping gear, wet weather gear, specialty pouches & specialist carriage equipment).


– 100% Waterproof
– 210D Nylon polyurethane coated
– Tie off points and eyelets on the corners, all sides and in the center
– Storage pouch
– Snap closures on sides allow the joining of two hoochies
– Colour – Australian Compatible Camouflage (ACC)

Dimensions: 265 x 168 cm

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