10 Reasons Why You Need A Valhalla Nightwalker

10 Reasons Why You Need A Valhalla Nightwalker
May 18, 2018 Valhalla Tactical

The Valhalla Nightwalker is the ultimate tactical sleeping bag. It’s versatile, light, compact and hardy. The Valhalla Nightwalker range comes in five levels of temperature control; a sleeping solution for every mission environment. If you’re after a sleeping bag that doesn’t restrict movement, compromise safety or forsake insulation, the Valhalla Nightwalker is the only option.

Here are the top ten reasons why it should have a permanent place in your pack.

1. You can walk and sit in it.

When we said versatile, we meant it! The Valhalla Nightwalker has a weather flap at the bottom with a double-ended YKK heavy-duty No. 8 Spiral zip. So you can stand up and walk around, or sit comfortably in it without needing to take it off. This ensures that you stay warm at all times in cold climates.

2. You can wear your boots inside it without the risk of tearing.

The bottom shell and internal foot are made from 210D Nylon Oxford that incorporates a waterproof finish. The reinforced lining allows you to wear your boots while you’re in the sleeping bag, without fear of damaging the interior or dampening the entire bag. This makes it much more convenient to get up and walk around if you need to or move in haste if a situation should arise.

3. It’s easy to carry out other tasks while wearing it.

The Valhalla Nightwalker also has arm ports so that you can wear it while carrying out other tasks such as eating and checking the time. The arm ports have zips and Velcro closures so that no heat is let out of the bag when they aren’t in use.

4. It allows unobstructed access to weapons.

The arm ports are also excellent for keeping one hand on your weapon while you sleep for increased safety and security, without compromising the warmth of the rest of your body.

5. It maintains a consistent body temperature.

The Dupont ® Thermolite™ Micro insulation in the Valhalla Nightwalker range is flat filled in order to prevent cold spots in the wadding. It incorporates an ultra-thin barrier of anti-bacterial pure silver microfiber, which also increases its heat retaining capability. The sleeping bag is designed to be worn all night without needing to take it off, preventing dangerous drops in body temperature.

6. It withstands all weather conditions.

Valhalla Nightwalker sleeping bags are suitable for temperatures from zero degrees Celsius (Valhalla Nightwalker II) to minus fifteen degrees Celsius (Valhalla Nightwalker V). The Valhalla Nightwalker Summer Weight sleeping bag is suitable for tropical environments and includes a mosquito net that can be zipped over the face for protection from insects.

7. There are internal pockets for extra items.

Keep essential items close, within the sleeping bag, to prevent the need to take your arms out often.

8. It’s easy to air and dry.

Internal and external hanging tabs make it easy to rig up and dry out if it gets wet or musty.

9. It’s light and compact.

All cold weather sleeping bags weigh only 1.1 KG and come with compression sacks that reduce the size down to 18 CM by 20 CM. The summer sleeping bag comes in at just 850 grams and compresses to 12 CM by 14 CM. This is an incredibly convenient size, and weight, for a heavy duty, thermal sleeping bag. It allows for more room for food and water in your pack.

10. It’s durable.

The outer shell and inner lining are both made from ripstop nylon, and all seams are fully bonded. This, as well as the reinforced footwell, makes for an extremely durable and hardy sleeping bag, capable of withstanding even the most trying of missions.

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Still not convinced? Check out our vid below for more reasons why you need a Valhalla Nightwalker.