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More than just a brand – it’s a tribute to the dedication and sacrifice of those who serve their country

Graveyard Designs is made for those who serve. Founded by Former Special Forces soldier Taggart Blackwood as a way to showcase the dedication and sacrifice of all who serve their country. Graveyard Design strives to serve as a symbol of respect, gratitude, and remembrance, empowering veterans and their families to proudly showcase their achievements and uphold the values that define their service.

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    Graveyard Designs Black Skull Stand

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    This Black Skull Stand is the perfect way to showcase your service.

    Veteran-owned and Australian-made. This stand is perfect for displaying your service Beret, Cap or Slouch.


    - Made From Quality Biodegradable Materials - Australian Made, Veteran Owned - Designed To Fit 99% Of Head Sizes With its unique and stylish design, the Black Skull Stand is sure to add a Badass touch to your home or office.
    $ 95.00