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Princeton Tec lights are designed to outlast the elements and provide consistent lighting solutions for your outdoor pursuits. Whether you’re a climber, hiker or cyclist, these reliable, durable lights will help you push yourself farther and higher than ever before. Made in the USA since 1975 with rigorous testing standards, their great selection of headlamps and handhelds offer unsurpassed quality to see you through any adventure.

  • Princeton TEC Byte Tactical Red/White

    Don’t be fooled by its size, the Byte Tactical is a powerful punch in a tiny package.
    Extremely lightweight and compact, the Byte Tactical offers 100 lumens and four modes: white high spot and low spot, as well as red high and low to avoid compromising night vision. The smartly designed Byte Tactical is equipped with a digital battery lockout, sturdy and simple to rotate single arm bracket, easily accessible battery door enclosure and a large push button. Features: - 58 hour burn time - Easily accessible batty door enclosure - 2 AAA batteries included
    $ 59.00
  • Princeton TEC Fred

    Small, lightweight, feature rich and user friendly.
    The Fred offers 200 lumens of dimmable white light as well as a red LED to help preserve your night vision. A single press of the Fred's large easy to activate button turns on your red LED in low. Press again to increase brightness then press and hold to activate the 200 lumen white flood mode. While in white mode press and hold to dim the white LEDs from 200 to 30 lumens quickly. Specifications:
    POWER 200 Lumens
    LAMP 1 Red Ultrabright LED 3 White Ultrabright LEDs
    BURN TIME 41 hours
    BATTERIES 3 AAA Alkaline
    WEIGHT 78g
    WARRANTY 5 Years
    $ 52.95$ 63.95
  • Princeton TEC Point MPLS

    Designed for the end-user needing to streamline their gear, the Point offers smart LED technology in a virtually weightless package.
    Simplicity is key with a large, easy to find push button and a single Ultrabright LED. With the capability to be mounted practically anywhere, you'll never need to take your eyes off of your task at hand with the Point. Versatile, smart and tough, the Point were created with our exclusive flexi-neck design allowing you to direct light where you need it, regardless of the angle of your helmet. All Princeton Tec MPLS Helmet Lights come with the following mounts: - Standard Nylon Headstrap - Helmet Side Mount - ARCs - EXFIL Rail - MOLLE/PALS - Picatinny - Above the Rail Specifications:
    POWER 10 Lumens
    LAMP 1 Ultrabright LED
    BURN TIME 36 hours
    BATTERIES Red or IR LED: (1) CR2032 Lithium Coin Cell
    White/Blue/Green LED: (2) CR2016 Lithium Coin Cells
    WEIGHT 0.6oz / 17g
    $ 95.95
  • Princeton TEC Quad Tactical

    The Quad Tactical is lit by four Ultrabright LEDs offering a wide, bright flood light.
    Features like a rugged and durable body, waterproof rating up to 1 meter, circuitry that regulates light output in each mode and an easy to locate power button round the Quad Tactical out nicely, making it a great pick for any number of gear packs you may have: camping, hunting, fishing, around the house, etc. The Quad Tactical also includes an interchangeable lens filter system that allows you to swap between light colors (red, blue and green) depending on your needs at the moment. If you work with one color light in particular, leave that filter installed and flick it up or down to toggle between that specialty light color and your white beam. Specifications: POWER: 78 Lumens LAMP: 4 Ultrabright LEDs (regulated) BURN TIME: 60.5 hours BATTERIES: 3 AAA Alkaline or Lithium WEIGHT: 3.4oz / 96g WATER RESISTANT: IPX7 Performance:
    4 MODES Lumens Runtime Distance Regulated Reserve
    FLOOD HIGH 78 8h 50m 1h 80h
    FLOOD MEDIUM 20 73h 25m 5h 92h
    FLOOD LOW 8 60.5h 17m 10h 108h
    $ 69.95
  • Princeton Tec Switch MPLS


    The Switch is a personal task light that offers extremely lightweight, unmatched versatility.

    Dual Ultrabright LEDs mean that you have more options for light colors, and multiple brightness modes in a tiny package. Depending on your needs, the Switch can run on a night vision preservation specialty color mode, or switch over to a brighter white LED. Specialty lighting colors are important during tasks that require night vision preservation and the Switch will always turn on in the low power specialty color mode. A two second hold of the large push button will activate the bright white LED mode for better illumination. Choose your LED configuration in the drop down menu above. Versatile, smart and tough, the Switch (along with other MPLS Helmet Lights) were created with our exclusive flexi-neck design allowing you to direct light where you need it, regardless of the angle of your helmet.

    Switch MPLS includes the following mounts:

    - Helmet Side Mount - ARCs - MOLLE/PALS - Picatinny - Above the Rail - Hat Brim Clip
    $ 164.95
  • Princeton TEC Switch Rail MPLS

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    Switch Rail MPLS is similar to Switch Rail in that they’re both low profile task lights, offering a variety of specialty task color combinations.
    Where they differ: the MPLS model makes use of Princeton Tec’s versatile mounting system for attachment to MOLLE and reverse Picatinny in addition to Picatinny Rail. Designed for navigation, signature reduction, stealth structure search and breaching operations, this light has recessed LEDs that provide discreet lighting. A single button allows access to up to two constant lighting modes. SPECS
    POWER 10 Lumens
    LAMP 2 Ultrabright LEDs
    BURN TIME 36 Hours
    BATTERIES (2) 2016 Lithium Coin Cell (included) (2032 for red and infrared LED)
    WEIGHT 0.77oz / 22g
    WATERPROOF IPX7 (1 meter)
    $ 135.95
  • Princeton TEC Sync 300


    The Princeton Tec Sync 300 thrives on simplicity.

    Navigate through modes effortlessly with the large dial on the side, eliminating the need for complex button sequences—perfect for activities where quick mode adjustments are crucial, such as running, or in situations requiring thick gloves. With its distinctive Dual Beam max mode (a blend of spot and flood), the Sync delivers a powerful, concentrated light throw alongside a smooth wide beam to illuminate your surroundings effectively.


    POWER 300 Lumens
    LAMP 1 Maxbright LED w/ Spot
    1 Maxbright LED w/ Flood
    1 Red Ultrabright LED
    BURN TIME 60 hours
    BATTERIES 3 AAA Alkaline
    WEIGHT 2.9oz / 83g
    $ 49.95
  • Sold out

    Princeton TEC Charge MLPS

    The Charge was designed with helmet rail mounting in mind, offering a lower lumen light output for close at hand administrative tasks when in the field.
    Versatile, smart and tough, the Charge (along with Princeton Tec's other MPLS Helmet Lights) were created with their exclusive flexi-neck design allowing you to direct light where you need it, regardless of the angle of your helmet. Each Charge has a single white Maxbright LED that puts out a solid 55 lumens in a focused flood beam; bright enough for distance spotting, but dispersed enough for close at hand work. A cluster of 3 Ultrabright LEDs in various color configurations surround the Maxbright LED and offer an even higher degree of specialization based on your specific needs. Ease of performance in exacting situations was kept top-of-mind while designing the user interface, so the Charge’s Maxbright white mode requires a full two-second button press to be turned on to avoid accidental activation. The Maxbright white mode is also dimmable, letting you control the intensity of the light. All Princeton Tec MPLS Helmet Lights come with the following mounts: - Standard Nylon Headstrap - Helmet Side Mount - ARCs - EXFIL Rail - MOLLE/PALS - Picatinny - Above the Rail Specifications: POWER: 55 Lumens LAMP: 1 Maxbright LED (regulated), 3 Ultrabright LEDs BURN TIME: 50 Hours BATTERIES: 1 AA Lithium (included) WEIGHT: 1.67oz / 47g WATERPROOF: IPX7 (1 metre)
    $ 249.69