Bushman Naturals Repellent Pump Spray 100mL

Bushman Naturals Repellent Pump Spray 100mL

Bushman Naturals Repellent Pump Spray 100mL

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As soon as the sun goes down, those pesky mozzies always come out in full force.

you want to apply your repellent quick smart before those insects make a bee-line for your arms and legs – the Bushman’s Pump Spray is the one for you.

With 20% DEET – the active ingredient that repels insect extremely effectively. Bushman’s Plus also gives you protection from the sun, which is an added bonus. The repellent is so unique because its formula will release over time to protect you for a full 7 hours where most other would have faded. The 360-degree aerosol spray makes it really easy to use and is a good option for overseas travellers or those who can’t use aerosol sprays.

The pleasant neutral scent won’t irritate sensitive noses, and the slim design of the bottle makes it easy to slip in with the rest of your gear in your pack. With sweat, water and rub resistant properties this product will offer protection even when you’re doing strenuous outdoor activities. Protect your skin in the great outdoors from disease-carrying insects with Bushman’s Plus Insect Repellent.

– 360° degree pump spray
– Repels insects for 7 hours
– Non-greasy
– Fine mist
– Slim size for easy packing
– Made in Australia

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