Be Ready For Anything With The Valhalla Versa MKIII

Be Ready For Anything With The Valhalla Versa MKIII
May 22, 2018 Valhalla Tactical

The Valhalla Versa MKII is everything you need for both long range and shorter missions. It’s versatile, sturdy, comfortable and boasts exceptionally easy access. The team at Valhalla based the design on the famous Aus Webgear ALICE MKII; arguably Australia’s most highly sought after pack. But they’ve made a few adjustments to make it even better. Here’s why you’ll be choosing the Valhalla Versa MKII for every upcoming mission.

Transforms from a long-range pack to a three-day pack in seconds.

Like the ALICE MKII, the Valhalla Versa MKII is made with adaptability at the forefront of its design. The pack is perfect for long-range missions, holding up to 90 Litres and comprising of:

2 x 3 Litre detachable side pouches with bladder attachments.
2 x 2 Litre South African water bottle pouches.
2 x Wide ration pack pouches.
2 x Small utility pouches.
1 x Dual zipped Claymore pouch on the lid with Molle.
1 x Sleeping bag compartment with side access.

However, if you’re only out in the field for three days, the two side pouches can be removed, and the pack re-zipped to a smaller size that will hold a max of 65 Litres. Don’t waste money on two different short and long mission packs when you can achieve it all with just the one.

Everything’s within easy reach.

The pouches attached to the Valhalla Versa MKII make finding tools and equipment convenient when you’re in a hurry. Forget having to dig around in a large, one-pouch pack for a single small item. With the range of pouches on the MKII, you can sort everything categorically, and gain easy access to items quickly.

Internal pouches for better security.

There are also internal pouches in the Valhalla Versa MKII to provide better security and protection from the weather, for valuable devices and items. There’s an internal radio pouch, an internal zipped divider, a hoochie compartment in the lid and a hidden ET tool attachment behind the front pouches.

Designed for comfort.

The Valhalla Versa MKII has been optimised for superior comfort and support. There’s nothing worse than trekking for days on end with a stiff and sore back. At times this can be unavoidable but is far worse with a pack that doesn’t support your back, neck and shoulders in the right places. The MKII’s frame pad includes 20mm closed cell foam for extra shoulder support and adjustable straps. The chest strap and the additional padding that hugs the lower back, evenly distribute the weight of the pack so that no one part of your body is bearing the full load.

Incredibly strong and durable.

Made from 1000D Cordura material and genuine Multicam webbing, the Valhalla Versa MKII will withstand the hardships of all missions and environments. These mil-spec materials offer assurances that your pack will have an extremely long lifespan. In fact, all Valhalla Versa MKII’s come with a lifetime warranty. You can rely on this pack to keep your gear secure time and time again.

Valhalla Tactical supply high-quality, military-grade gear to support you on your next mission. Shop our range of packs, pouches, sleeping bags and clothing today.