What Survival Can Teach You About Life

What Survival Can Teach You About Life
May 27, 2019 Valhalla Tactical

The ground is rock solid beneath you, and your sleeping bag is doing nothing in terms of providing a layer between you and the rough ground you lay on. You’ve rolled over ten times already, hoping that this next time will be the time you find a more comfortable sleeping position, but nothing changes. There’s no escaping this. You’re in the army.

You can’t just pack your gear up, put it in the boot of the car and head off home to a warm bed. So what is there to learn from being uncomfortable and forcing yourself to go through the pain, all the while trying to survive?

Being a soldier means living rough and learning to love it.

We have lived the missions. What life lessons can you learn from the military?

Well, the armed forces teaches its employees how to be stronger, more independent, more reliable, how to adapt, overcome and ultimately, how to transfer these skills to the workforce and life. Being a soldier means living rough and learning to love it. Out in the field on missions, there are rarely showers, you sleep on rock hard ground, the food rations aren’t all that appealing, and you’re forced to accept that this is your life now. Enemies want your head on a stick and you’re already run down. An employee who is willing to shrug their shoulders and do whatever they have to do to get the job done will stand out much more than those who whine and complain constantly.

Becoming comfortable with discomfort is where growth occurs.

We have lived the missions. What life lessons can you learn from the military?

There is one man that has taken this theory and applied it to every aspect of his life; David Goggins. He is an ultra-marathon runner, ultra-distance cycler, retired United States Navy SEAL and former United States Air Force Tactical Air Control Party, who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. He firmly believes that chasing comfort is the quickest way to failure. Learning to get out of your comfort zone and strengthen your mind in the process is only possible by voluntarily putting yourself in situations where you struggle. By doing this, you make your mind stronger, similar to the way in which your hands callous after working in the yard all day.

Consistently taking the path of most resistance teaches us how to overcome adversity. Everyone in the army has been posted somewhere they hated, and have no doubt experienced the same feelings of utter hell while they were there. It is in these times of adversity that we build our bank of courage and strength, to ensure that we’re ready for when it all comes crashing down in real life. Those who have not experienced this sort of mental training will often spend much longer picking up the pieces due to having such little emotional resilience, compared to those who seek out discomfort on a consistent basis.

These are Goggins’ top three tips for how to propel yourself to success in life:

  1. Change your mindset. You can achieve anything you put your mind to.
  2. Learn to love suffering. Those who suffer, win.
  3. The 40% rule – when your mind tells you that you’re done, you’re really only at 40% capacity. You haven’t even gotten started.

Life isn’t easy. No one said it was. But shying away from pain means that when it finally reaches you, it’s going to hit a lot harder than if you’re well accustomed to it. Learning to love discomfort and getting on with the job will make your life better.

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