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Groundbreaking first-response medical products

First Care is revolutionizing the way we respond to medical emergencies. With their innovative first-response medical products, they are saving lives by drastically reducing time and resource costs associated with field haemorrhage control procedures. Through cutting-edge technology, they provide a comprehensive system of products that can be used in any medical emergency situation quickly and effectively.

  • FIRSTCARE Military Trauma & Hemorrhage Control Bandage 10 x 17cm

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    The FirstCare Military & Civilian Wound Dressing raises haemorrhage control to the next level

    Consolidating numerous pieces of treatment equipment into a single, effective and easily applied unit. First Care products provides innovative first-response medical products which save lives by improving field haemorrhage control, and also yield significat savings in time and resources. The companies unique, combat and clinically proven direct pressure Emergency Bandage has been adopted by military and civilian organisations worldwide.

    Controlling Haemorrhage Faster:

    - Innovative combat-proven direct pressure bandage - Trauma bandage and secondary dressing all in one - Quick, easy and effective application; and self application, even one-handed

    Saving Lives With A Direct Pressure System:

    According to US Government statistics, blood loss resulting from trauma leads directly to the deaths of 50,000 civilians in the United States alone. Now, the Emergency Bandage raises haemorrhage control to the next level, consolidating numerous pieces of treatment into a single, effective and easily applied unit.

    Key Applications

    - Standard in major military organisations worldwide - Already in use by Police, SWAT, Fire and EMS worldwide - Quickly stanches haemorrhaging from injuries caused by traffic accidents, workplace accidents, home injuries, gunshot, knife and other assault wounds


    - Integral pressure applicator exerts immediate direct pressure to the wound - Secondary sterile dressing maintains pad and pressure firmly in place and lowers risk of further infection - Built in closure bar; no pins, clips, tape, velcro or knots - Non adherent pad eliminates pain and wound re-opening upon removal - Quick and easy application and self application.


    - Rapid control of bleeding stabilizes patients and saves lives - Unique life cycle cost administration, logistical and training savings compared to existing multiple-bandage treatment solutions — no need to order,stock, supply and train on numerous pieces of equipment - Significantly lowers in-hospital per-patient treatment costs
    $ 19.90