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Be prepared for any emergency with Valhalla Tactical’s wide range of essential emergency and first aid items. Our products provide you with the necessary tools to keep you safe in dangerous situations at all times. Whether you are out on a hike or trapped in a life-threatening situation, our signal mirrors, safety whistles, survival books and rescue pens will help you signal for assistance or find your way back to safety.

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    5.11 EDT Rescue - Alert Blue 2

    5.11 EDT Rescue

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    5.11 EDT Rescue is an essential resource for firefighters, EMTs, and other rescue professionals who need reliable equipment they can trust in these critical moments.

    Constructed from durable stainless steel, this innovative tool features a carbide tip that can easily shatter tempered automotive glass with ease. The web cutter makes quick work of stuck seat belts or oxygen keys, while the split ring provides an extra layer of utility in difficult situations. With robust construction and a sleek design, this rescue device is built to be ready for whatever comes your way.


    – Keychain carry tool – Includes microbiner on a split ring – Tools assortment includes – Carbide tip/glass breaker – Web cutter – Oxygen key
    $ 19.99
  • AERO Stainless Steel Universal Shears 19cm

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    The AERO range offers a wide range of surgical instruments manufactured from high-quality stainless steel components to suit first aid requirements.

    Assorted sizes and specifications have been selected for use in common first aid procedures.
    $ 4.30
  • AEROGLOVE Large Black Nitrile Powder-Free Gloves

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    AERO Black Nitrile Examination Gloves are high-quality puncture and tear-resistant gloves designed specifically for superior protection and puncture resistance.


    - One pair of gloves - Ambidextrous & anatomically designed for comfort - Latex & powder free - Excellent flexibility & superior puncture resistance - Textured fingertips for improved grip and protection - Extended cuff - Non-Sterile
    $ 2.64
  • Bob Cooper Help Blanket

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    The bright yellow, pocket-sized, light-weight blanket is designed to assist people to be rescued by signalling that emergency assistance is required now.

    Clearly displaying the word HELP, it satisfies three of the priorities for survival in any climate or condition warmth, shelter and a distress signal all in one and it can also be used for first aid. It has been designed for and tested in Australian outback conditions.


    -Bright yellow easily seen large black print -Says HELP as a signal and that is what you need now -Windproof and Waterproof shelter -10 easy to follow sections of information -Super lightweight 2 .0 meters long x 1.3 meters wide -Emergency Shelter -Highly reflective silver side -Shock and hypothermia treatment uses
    $ 22.99
  • Bob Cooper Outback Survival Book

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    Outback Survival tells you what you need to do, and how, if you want to survive.

    This book takes you through every aspect of a survival situation from dealing with the fear to bush tucker and the best way to use survival kits. With over 230 pages of trustworthy information and diagrams supported by real life stories of success and disaster in the wilderness. Eight pages of full colour photographs clarify on the finer points of bushcraft. A must read for anyone who enjoys the bush.


    -Based on Bob's tried and tested Big 5 survival tecniques, he explains how to: -Water: how to find, purify and transport -Warmth: fire and wind proofing -Shelter: against rain, cold, wind and sunRead More
    $ 29.99
  • Bob Cooper Snake Bite Venomous Creatures Kit

    Bob Cooper Snake Bite & Venomous Creatures Kit

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    In Australia we have around 170 species of snakes including sea snakes and burrowing snakes, 30 of which a considered to have life-threatening venom.

    Bob believes the most effective first-aid treatment for venomous snakes and many creatures is the pressure and immobilization technique. Unlike many first aid kits that contain non-elastic crepe bandages, this kit has 10 cm compression bandages that can maintain the correct pressure and will remain tight during transport of the victim. Three bandages are necessary to apply pressure to an adult male's leg. The included first aid booklet can equip you with the know-how to handle bites and stings from the following deadly Australian creatures: land, sea and burrowing snakes, funnel web spiders, blue ringed octopus, and cone shells. A must have in all first aid kits, backpacks and glove boxes. Ideal for reptile handlers and bush walkers alike.


    -3 x 10cm compression bandages -1 x comprehensive instructional booklet -First aid for: -Snakes and Sea Snakes -Funnel Web Spider -Blue Ringed Octopus -Cone Shells
    $ 27.99
  • Bob Cooper Survival Kit

    , ,

    Developed by outback survival expert Bob Cooper, the Survival Kit contains all the necessary items for survival in the wilderness.

    Designed and tested in the outback, the kit's quality components have been selected specifically to be the most versatile and effective system of survival. Bob Cooper has identified the Big 5 priorities of survival to be water, warmth, shelter, signals, and food. Using this practical kit, in conjunction with the included instruction and survival tip sheet, you can survive in the Australian outback until you walk out or assistance arrives. Packed in a compact tin small enough to fit into a large pocket and weighing only 382 grams, it is durable and lightweight. Already used by the Australian Defence Force, pilots, government agencies, and mining companies this kit is ideal to take with you while camping, hiking and fishing, as well as for keeping in your vehicle while you are on the road.


    -First aid items -Water procurement bags -Water sterilisation agents -Signalling devices -Fire lighting tools -Mini compass -Pocket knife -Assorted fishing gear -Mini survival cards
    $ 99.99
  • Coghlan’s 2″ x 3″ Signal Mirror

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    Useful in emergencies, routing signaling or for any mirror application.

    Highly reflective 1/4” (6.3 mm) laminated glass. Unique Sight-Grid Retro-Reflective Mesh Targeting System for pinpoint aiming accuracy. Click below for a quick video on how to use this item. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wo_x-RQ1n0E&feature=plcp
    $ 39.95
  • Coghlan’s Flint Wheel

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    For reliable fire-starting, Coghlan's Flint wheel provides an all-in-one kit, contained in a single, sleek aluminum capsule.

    This kit offers a convenient way to spark and ignite the included paraffin and cotton tinder, or various other firestarters with a simple and quick, one-handed operation.


    - Water-resistant - Refillable - Great for survival kits - Works in difficult weather conditions - Carabiner included - 6 tinder firestarters included - 3 flints included
    $ 36.50
  • Coghlan’s Plastic Signal Whistle

    , , ,
    Shrill plastic whistle with lanyard included.
    $ 6.95
  • Coghlan’s Safety Whistle

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    Bright orange pealess whistle designed for the ultimate in function and visibility.

    Black lanyard with “break-away” snap closure. International Safety Whistle and Morse Code printed on the backer card.
    $ 11.95
  • Coghlan’s Sight Grid Signal

    , , ,

    The Sight-Grid Signal Mirror combines the power of glass mirror reflection with acrylic durability.

    An acrylic case surrounds the glass mirror protecting it from breaking, keeps it a float if dropped in water and has a lanyard hole. The lightweight signal mirror utilizes Sight-Grid Targeting Retro-Reflective Mesh for aiming reflected light flashes with pin-point accuracy on a target up to 25 miles away. Click below for a quick video on how to use this item. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wo_x-RQ1n0E&feature=plcp
    $ 52.95
  • Coghlan’s Two Step Drinking Water Treatment

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    Two germicidal tablets remove Giardia and disinfect approximately one quart of water.

    The Neutralizer Tablets remove any iodine taste.
    $ 49.95
  • First Response Bleed Kit

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    The FIRST RESPONSE BLEED KIT is designed for quick and effective control of first aid.

    Including a military-grade trauma bandage, this hemostatic trauma solution offers military-grade ruggedness. This kit is designed to provide treatment options with efficiency and effectiveness in mind. The FIRST RESPONSE BLEED KIT is compact in size and effective in all environments, whether used in First Response or Civilian instances.


    - FIRSTCARE Military Trauma & Haemorrhage Control Bandage 10 x 17cm (Green) - VALHALLA TOURNIQUET POUCH - AERO Stainless Steel Universal Shears 19cm
    $ 41.95
  • First Response Tourniquet Kit

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    The FIRST RESPONSE TOURNIQUET KIT is designed for quick and effective control of mass haemorrhaging.

    Including the popular RapidStop Tourniquet, this haemostatic trauma solution offers military grade ruggedness, all age suitability, superior single-handed application and the fastest average occlusion time. Achieving full occlusion in the shortest time possible is critical. This kit is designed to provide treatment options with efficiency and effectiveness in mind. The FIRST RESPONSE TOURNIQUET KIT is compact in size and effective in all environments, whether used in First Response or Civilian instance.


    - RapidStop Tourniquet - Condor OC Pouch/Holder for Tourniquet - AERO Stainless Steel Universal Shears 19cm
    $ 101.21
  • FIRSTCARE Military Trauma & Hemorrhage Control Bandage 10 x 17cm

    , , ,

    The FirstCare Military & Civilian Wound Dressing raises haemorrhage control to the next level

    Consolidating numerous pieces of treatment equipment into a single, effective and easily applied unit. First Care products provides innovative first-response medical products which save lives by improving field haemorrhage control, and also yield significat savings in time and resources. The companies unique, combat and clinically proven direct pressure Emergency Bandage has been adopted by military and civilian organisations worldwide.

    Controlling Haemorrhage Faster:

    - Innovative combat-proven direct pressure bandage - Trauma bandage and secondary dressing all in one - Quick, easy and effective application; and self application, even one-handed

    Saving Lives With A Direct Pressure System:

    According to US Government statistics, blood loss resulting from trauma leads directly to the deaths of 50,000 civilians in the United States alone. Now, the Emergency Bandage raises haemorrhage control to the next level, consolidating numerous pieces of treatment into a single, effective and easily applied unit.

    Key Applications

    - Standard in major military organisations worldwide - Already in use by Police, SWAT, Fire and EMS worldwide - Quickly stanches haemorrhaging from injuries caused by traffic accidents, workplace accidents, home injuries, gunshot, knife and other assault wounds


    - Integral pressure applicator exerts immediate direct pressure to the wound - Secondary sterile dressing maintains pad and pressure firmly in place and lowers risk of further infection - Built in closure bar; no pins, clips, tape, velcro or knots - Non adherent pad eliminates pain and wound re-opening upon removal - Quick and easy application and self application.


    - Rapid control of bleeding stabilizes patients and saves lives - Unique life cycle cost administration, logistical and training savings compared to existing multiple-bandage treatment solutions — no need to order,stock, supply and train on numerous pieces of equipment - Significantly lowers in-hospital per-patient treatment costs
    $ 19.90
  • LED Lenser Signal Cone

    , , ,

    With the Signal Cone, safety and visibility always come first.

    Simply put our signal cap over your flashlight, and you have a highly visible emergency signal at your disposal. Alternatively, the torch can be transformed into an ambient light, for example to evenly illuminate rooms or a tent.
    $ 13.95$ 19.95
  • Rapidstop Military Tourniquet (Black)

    , ,


    The RapidStop Tourniquet relies on key technologies to achieve rapid, intuitive and easy one-hand self-application. Application is even faster when a responder uses both hands to apply the tourniquet to a victim.


    The RapidStop Tourniquet achieves full occlusion reliably and rapidly. It requires only gross motor control, allowing self-application to be readily possible. The RapidStop Tourniquet is appropriate for controlling haemorrhage for injuries to both the arms and legs.


    Easy as 1-2-3 Three simple and fast steps set RapidStop Tourniquet apart from the competition. Guided by instructions on the product, pocket-sized instruction cards and video format. Integrated instructions on the RapidStop Tourniquet are included using stitched waterproof vinyl tags resistant to any wear and tear. Rapidstop_LandingPage_mockup_0002s_0002_Layer-13-190x300


    For use as a life-saving device in high-stress trauma situations where application time is critical. Only gross motor skills required to operate the RapidStop Tourniquet. Rapidstop_LandingPage_mockup_0002s_0002_Layer-13-190x300


    Police, firefighters and EMTs are often first on the scene in civilian medical emergencies. RapidStop Tourniquet can be easily carried and deployed by these service personnel to save lives. Rapidstop_LandingPage_mockup_0002s_0002_Layer-13-190x300


    In places where people work daily with dangerous equipment on a construction site, oil rig, lumber yard, machine shop or distribution warehouse, RapidStop Tourniquet should be at hand to mitigate the risk of death through serious limb injury. Rapidstop_LandingPage_mockup_0002s_0002_Layer-13-190x300


    Whether hunting, camping, rock climbing, or mountain biking for leisure, the risks of extreme trauma due to accidents are real. RapidStop Tourniquet should be an essential piece of kit for any outdoor adventurer.
    $ 69.95
  • Sea to Summit Lightweight Dry Bag First Aid (2023)

    , , , , , ,

    The updated Lightweight First Aid Dry Bag

    Is the perfect way to store medical supplies and keep them dry, visible and easily accessible. An added TPU window offers excellent visibility, makes it particularly useful in group situations. Made from a bluesign® approved recycled 70D nylon with a C0 non-PFC DWR finish, the interior polyurethane coating is white to improve visibility and make it easy to find small items in poor light. They use the same hypalon non-wicking roll-top closure as our other dry sacks and feature a D-ring attachment point at the buckle. The oval base prevents the dry bag from rolling away on sloping surfaces. Ideal for backpacking, cycle touring, travel, ski touring and more.


    - Double-stitched and fully taped waterproof seams - Light-reflecting white interior for better visibility of supplies - bluesign® APPROVED recycled 70D nylon fabric uses a PFC-free DWR finish - D-ring attachment point at buckle for securing to boats, bikes, kayaks
    $ 22.99$ 25.99
  • SORD Trauma Shear Combo

    , , , , ,

    Sleek, light weight, basic and effective.

    Holds a single pair of medium sized trauma shears in a padded sleeve with an easy access elastic tab retention system that is easily operated with one hand. Requires one MOLLE column for attachment. When seconds count, quick access to vital tools is essential. EMT SHEARS INCLUDED IN PURCHASE.
    $ 45.00
  • TAS Safety Whistle

    , , ,


    - Safety whistle in HUNTER GREEN or ORANGE - Can be heard over 1 mile away - Used by rescue professionals world-wide - Official referees whistle
    $ 4.95
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    Our Vlad Rescue Pen pulls a double-shift as a high-quality pen and emergency rescue device.
    The Vlad's retractable twist pen utilizes a replaceable, pressurized ink cartridge to fulfill your daily writing duties. Remove the cap from the opposite end to access the carbide-tip window breaker that can shatter tempered automotive glass. Crafted from lightweight yet tough aerospace-grade aluminium, the Vlad features a non-slip grip surface. Includes a medium black ink cartridge. Imported. Compatible Cartridges: - Fisher PR series - Rite in the Rain 37R, 47R, 57R - Schmidt EasyFlow 9000 series - Side 1: Twist open retractable pen - Side 2: Carbide tip glass breaker - Removable cap - Replaceable pressurized ink cartridge (med. black incl.) - Full surface gimping promotes stable grip - Lightweight aluminium body - Body: aerospace grade aluminium - Pocket clip: steel
    $ 59.99
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    Atwood Parapocalypse Ultimate Survivor Cord

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    Everything but the kitchen sink!
    This rope is designed with every scenario in mind. Not only do you get all the benefits of paracord, you also get high-end practical survival tools. With a waxed-jute strand, you can easily start fires with little effort. Use the 10lb fishing line to catch your dinner. Use the 900F heat-resistant cord for campfire rotisserie cooking, friction saws, or suspending a hot broken muffler. Lastly, you have the almighty Dyna X cord with super strength, ultra low-stretch and perfect for emergency sutures, dental floss or animal snares. SPECS: Rope Diameter - 5/32 in / 4 mm Tensile Strength - 625 lbs / 283.5 kg Weight (oz/100ft) - 10.25 oz / 290 g MADE IN THE USA
    $ 42.95
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    Powertraveller Redstart 50 Jump Starter

    , ,
    Portable emergency jump starter for 12V vehicles (7.0L Petrol and 4.5L Diesel) including cars, motorbikes, and more.
    With an integrated flashlight with strobe and SOS settings. Redstart 50 can also provide power to laptops that charge via USB-C. The casing is flame retardant as well as being dustproof and waterproof to IP67 rating. As well as having safety features such as; reverse polarity protection, spark-proof and smart technology which shuts off power to prevent overheating. SPECIFICATIONS: • Portable jump starter with 13000mAh/48.1Wh • 1x USB-C input/output: 5V/3A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A • 1x Micro USB input: 5V/2A • Dual USB output: QC 5V/3A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A • Start Current: 500A • Peak Current: 1000A • 1x ECS socket for jump starter • Rugged design • Dustproof and waterproof to IP67 rating • Charging time of 6-8 hours • Emergency jump starter for 12V vehicles • Integrated torch with SOS settings • Weight: 550g • Size: 188mm x 92mm x 36mm
    $ 274.95