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Trusted Tools for Every Adventure

Gerber Gear is an American brand providing top-notch and dependable knives, multi-tools, cutting tools, and outdoor gear for over 75 years. Known for crafting the perfect problem-solving and life-saving equipment, their products are carried by soldiers, hunters and tradespeople alike. With quality components to ensure a durable finish even in the harshest environments, Gerber is the go-to choice to have a reliable companion on your next adventure.

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    Gerber Armbar Slim Drive

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    The Armbar Slim Drive takes a minimalist approach

    While giving you the tools to help you with what you do the most: cutting, driving, and opening a beer. What more could you need in an ultra thin profile A 2-1/2" long driver with two-sided — bit has the reach to tighten that fastener without busting your knuckles. Not to mention the easy one-hand access to the 2-1/2" frame lock blade that can rip through anything you put in front of it. Don't get caught unprepared, support your daily carry with this robust tool in your pocket or on your key chain to get out of any jam.
    $ 59.99 $ 53.99
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    Gerber Defender Tether

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    The Defender Tether offers a carabiner designed to fit on-finger for intuitive control and tension relief.

    Multiple carrying options keep the tool securely fastened while on the move, and easily accessible when needed.


    - Secures tether w/ lanyard hole + retention clip - Tip control carabiner to release tension + secure gear - dyneema cable - Wide mouth entry - Split ring - Limited lifetime warranty


    MATERIAL Anodized Aluminum BLADE MATERIAL Anodized Aluminum
    $ 44.99$ 54.99
    $ 40.49$ 49.49
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    Gerber Dime Multitool

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    We took the standard keychain multi-tool and made it better.

    In addition to stainless steel pliers, wire cutters, a fine edge blade, spring-loaded scissors, flathead screwdriver, crosshead driver, tweezers and file, the Dime includes a unique blade designed to safely cut and score plastic packaging and a bottle opener that is exposed even when the tool is closed. Compact and lightweight, the Dime is the most valuable change you'll find in your pocket.


    - Stainless Steel - Fine Edge Knife - Spring Loaded Jaw - Spring Loaded - Needlenose Pliers - Spring Loaded Scissors - Retail Package Opener - Wire Cutters - File - Medium Flat Driver - Bottle Opener - Tweezers


    $ 44.99
    $ 40.49
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    Gerber Gorge Folding Shovel

    The Gorge Folding Shovel features a fast and smooth push-button collapsible handle and a glass filled nylon shaft with rubberized overgrip.
    The spade folds back, revealing a textured head to be used as a hammer for pounding in tent stakes. The Gorge is lightweight and packable for back-country camping and hiking. Overall length: 16.5" (419mm) Closed Length: 9.25" (235mm) Weight: 794g - Easy to use push button slide mechanism - Glass-Filled Nylon Handle - Pick made for hard packed ground - Hammer feature for pounding in tent stakes - Nylon drawstring bag
    $ 47.99 $ 43.19
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    Gerber Suspension NXT Multitool

    , ,

    Taking design cues from the original

    The Suspension-NXT is the evolution of the classic multi-tool design. Boasting an increased tool count of 15 in a smart everyday carry package, it is equipped with a pocket clip that is easily carried in pocket or on belt. The slim butterfly design features outboard tools that are accessible in a snap when unexpected tasks come up.


    - Needlenose pliers - Regular pliers - Wire cutter - 2.25" fine / serrated combination blade - Scissors - Real cross driver - Large, medium, and small flathead drivers - Can opener - Bottle opener - Awl - File - Ruler - Wire stripper


    WEIGHT 190 G
    WIDTH 16.5 MM
    $ 79.95$ 79.99
    $ 71.96$ 71.99
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    Gerber Center-Drive

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    Real professionals, real tools, real jobs.
    Gerber's Center-Drive Multi-Tool is a game-changing addition designed for real life, heavy-duty work. The thoughtful one-thumb opening design allows for quick deployment of the three full size tools you depend on most: the pliers, the blades, and the screwdriver. The Center-Drive is revolutionary, introducing an extra-long 82mm magnetic bit driver that opens to align with the center axis of the tool giving you all the torque and rotation of a traditional screwdriver. The full size blades conveniently replace your everyday pocket knife, and the full size spring-loaded pliers feature an X-Channel Rail System to eliminate rattle and open smoothly. Streamlined to offer the right tools for optimal functionality, the Center-Drive will replace your tool belt in no time. Features: - Needlenose Pliers - Regular Pliers - Rotatable Carbide Wire Cutters - Wire Strippers - Fine Edge Blade - Magnetic Bit Driver - Phillips Bit - Flathead Bit - Bottle Opener - Cats Paw Pry Bar - Awl - File - Serrated Blade - Ruler (stamped into handle) Specifications:
    WEIGHT 270g
    OVERALL LENGTH 6.6" (168MM)
    CLOSED LENGTH 4.7" (120MM)
    $ 219.99 $ 197.99
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    Gerber Truss Multitool

    , ,
    The Truss is an all-inclusive multi-tool, with 17 tools built to the exacting needs of the professional user in a size-conscious design.
    This full size multi-tool aims to remove excess heft while keeping all of the functionality. The result is a professional-grade multi-tool that bridges the gap between the problem and the solution. Features: - Needle nose plier - Regular plier - Wire cutter - 2.25” Fine blade - 2.25” Serrated blade - Scissors - Saw - Real cross driver - Small Medium Large flathead driver - Can opener - Bottle opener - Awl - File - Ruler - Wire stripper - Improved Sheath
    $ 99.99
    $ 89.99