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Valhalla Tactical and Outdoor offers a superior selection of outdoor products to enhance your trekking experience. We are proud to provide an extensive range of equipment, from top-of-the-line trekking poles and camper’s tools to lightsticks and tents. Our first aid kits are designed for rough terrain so you can always be prepared for the unexpected. Our products are built with quality in mind and will make your journey comfortable, secure, and enjoyable.

  • 360 Degrees Emergency Blanket

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    Emergency Blankets are an essential item for your outdoor first aid kit.

    They can be used to reduce heat losses in a persons body caused by thermal radiation, water evaporation and convection. They can also be used as a ground sheet, or to create an emergency shelter.


    - Lightweight and compact - Waterproof and windproof - Keep warm: use as an emergency blanket to reflect up to 90% of radiated heat - Keep cool: use to create shade and reflect the heat of the sun away from you - Size: 130 x 210cm - Weight: 50g
    $ 8.99
  • Black Diamond Alpine Carbon Cork Trekking Poles Tundra

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    A highly versatile, fully adjustable four-season pole built with premium materials

    The Black Diamond Alpine Carbon Trekking Pole handles alpine backpacking routes, mid-winter expeditions, and far-flung treks with ease. Three 100% carbon fibre shafts offer quick and secure length changes thanks to redesigned FlickLock Pro adjustability—which now features a more streamlined, Aluminium design that's lighter and easier to use. The comfortable wicking cork grip has now been updated with a softer, more ergonomic foam grip extension for better comfort, while the new solution strap draws inspiration from our harness technology and includes more surface area for better security around the wrist when tackling steep terrain. A 38mm basket and interchangeable Tech Tips allow you to switch between carbide and rubber tips to account for changing trail surfaces.


    - Premium cork grip with updated soft-rubber grip top and solution strap for better handling and security - New FlickLock Pro adjustability—now featuring forged Aluminium construction that's lighter and easier to use - 3-section 100% carbon fiber shaft - Interchangeable carbide Tech Tips, 38mm Trekking Basket


    $ 309.99
  • Black Diamond Flex Tech Tips

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    Replacement flex tips for general trekking

    Compatible with Black Diamond Interchangeable Tech Tips. Weight: 19g
    $ 16.99
  • Coghlan’s 2″ x 3″ Signal Mirror

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    Useful in emergencies, routing signaling or for any mirror application.

    Highly reflective 1/4” (6.3 mm) laminated glass. Unique Sight-Grid Retro-Reflective Mesh Targeting System for pinpoint aiming accuracy. Click below for a quick video on how to use this item. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wo_x-RQ1n0E&feature=plcp
    $ 39.95
  • Coghlan’s 9″ Steel Tent Stakes

    , , ,

    9 inch plated steel tent stakes in a 4-pack.

    These heavy duty tent pegs are excellent for hard ground penetration. Length: 9" (23 cm)
    $ 2.90$ 9.80
  • Coghlan’s ABS Tent Pegs

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    ABS plastic tent pegs in a 6-pack.

    These bright and easily seen tent stakes include a rugged design and no slip hook.
    $ 17.50$ 23.95
  • Coghlan’s Aluminium Capsule

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    Coghlan’s Aluminium Capsules are infinitely useful almost anywhere.

    A convenient carabiner allows them to be attached to a belt or backpack instantly and securely. A rubber o-ring ensures a completely watertight seal making the capsules ideal for anything that must be kept dry. Three sizes add versatility, offering even more storage options. From money to repair kits to first aid kits, these capsules will find a place on every outing.
    $ 11.95$ 27.95
  • Coghlan’s Aluminium Tent Pegs

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    Discover the ultimate companion for anchoring your tent with confidence – Coghlan's Aluminium Tent Pegs.

    This 4-pack of 7-inch lightweight tent stakes is meticulously crafted from high-strength aluminum, combining durability and portability for all your outdoor adventures. These rugged tent pegs are engineered to provide reliable support in a variety of terrains, offering steadfast stability in both soft and hard-packed ground. Whether you're embarking on a wilderness trek or setting up camp at a festival, these stakes are designed to withstand the elements and uphold the integrity of your shelter. With their lightweight design, they're easy to transport and effortlessly pierce into the ground without adding unnecessary bulk to your gear. Say farewell to unreliable tent pegs - elevate your outdoor experience with Coghlan's Aluminium Tent Pegs and enjoy worry-free camping wherever you roam.
    $ 3.50$ 12.00
  • Coghlan’s Anchor Clips 4-Pack

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    Coghlan's Anchor Clips are a new and easy solution for attaching a variety of items to a suspended rope or cord line.

    Each Coghlan's Anchor clip has two oppositely swinging crescent-shaped hooks that cinch around items that are placed inside them, using gravity to stay closed. The top of the clip loops around a tight cord or line using friction to stay in place. Great for laundry, towels, lamps, water bottles or light cooking utensils.
    $ 14.95
  • Coghlan’s Assorted Stretch Cords – 12 Piece

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    Strong plastic coated hooks (excluding 10” size) Multi-strand rubber core with a durable outer wrap.

    Contains: -2 x 30” (76 cm) -2 x 24” (61 cm) -2 x 18” (45.7 cm) -2 x 12” (30.5 cm) -4 x 10” (25 cm)
    $ 39.50
  • Coghlan’s Camper’s Tool

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    Includes combination regular and needle nose pliers, vise grip teeth, wire cutter, 3 sizes screwdriver blades, Philips screwdriver, can opener, punch/awl, bottle opener, file and two knife blades with carrying case.
    Stainless steel. Folds to 1 x 4” (2.5 x 11 cm)
    $ 24.95
  • Coghlan’s Camping Mirror

    , , ,

    Quality mirror in sturdy, colorful plastic frame.

    Unique metal hook on back enables mirror to stand, clamp on pole or hang. Size: 5" x 7" (12.7 x 17.8 cm)
    $ 13.95
  • Coghlan’s Carabiner Compass

    , , , ,

    This liquid filled compass comes with a handy built-in carabiner to make attaching it to a bag or pack quick and simple.

    The durable aluminum construction ensures it will follow you into the wild or just around town and get you back again. The luminous directional markers allow for navigating in low light and its compact size makes it easy to clip on a belt to keep it close for quick reference.
    $ 19.95
  • Coghlan’s Chow Kit

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    Three piece stainless steel knife, fork and spoon set clip together for easy carrying and storage.
    $ 9.95
  • Coghlan’s Combination Compass

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    Liquid filled housing with see-through folding base.

    Five map scales. Scaled magnetic dial & bezel ring
    $ 25.50
  • Coghlan’s Commando Saw

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    Cuts wood, plastic, bone, rubber or soft metal

    Unique 8-strand design. Durable nylon wrist straps. Converts to snare by passing one wrist strap through the other. Safe to handle.


    Length: 20” (50.8 cm) blade is stainless steel.
    $ 12.50
  • Coghlan’s Compact Mosquito Head Net


    This mosquito head net is made of soft polyester netting and fits into a stuff sack for easy transportation.

    Made of 220 holes per sq. inch mesh is easy to see through and keeps mosquitoes and other insects out.


    • Net Size 7.9” x 19.7” x 43.3” (20 cm x 50 cm x 110 cm) • Designed with a string and toggle to tighten as desired. • Convenient stuff sack for storage. • Bag Size bottom diameter 1.7” x 3.2” high (4.2 x 8.2 cm) • Not recommended for children
    $ 12.50
  • Coghlan’s Cord Lok

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    A fast, secure and permanent means of holding drawstrings tight.
    $ 2.95
  • Coghlan’s Deluxe Map Compass

    , , ,

    Featuring a liquid dampened needle with luminous pointer and a see-through base with rotating housing

    The Deluxe Map Compass is lightweight and compact. It has a built-in magnifier and includes scales in millimeters and 1:25000 making it ideal for orienteering and general map reading.


    Scales: 1:25000, 1:50000, and millimeters (1:1) Instruction booklet included Lanyard included
    $ 22.95
  • Coghlan’s Emergency Blanket


    A compact, lightweight blanket made from aluminized, non-stretch polyester.

    Stays flexible in freezing temperatures. Reflects body heat back to body. Wind and waterproof. Also known as a survival blanket, space blanket, first aid blanket, thermal blanket or all weather blanket, The Coghlan’s emergency blanket is essential survival gear for emergency preparedness.


    Size: 52” x 82.5” (132 x 210 cm) Weight: 1.5 oz. (42.5 g)
    $ 7.95
  • Coghlan’s Eyeglasses Repair Kit

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    Coghlan’s Eyeglasses Repair Kit has everything you need for minor emergency repairs to glasses when camping, traveling, work or home.

    Contains: screwdriver, magnifying glass, 12 screws (2 sizes), and a vinyl case.
    $ 6.50
  • Coghlan’s Featherweight Mirror

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    Made of strong unbreakable acrylic material, this mirror provides an exceptionally clear image with no distortion.
    $ 9.95
  • Coghlan’s Fiberglass Tent Pole Repair Kit

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    The Coghlan’s Fiberglass Tent Pole Replacement Kit replaces broken or damaged tent poles.

    Four 9.5 mm fiberglass poles with ferrules are included for providing stability and structure to your shelter. Durable materials make this Coghlan’s Tent Pole Replacement Kit a long-lasting choice for outdoor use. This kit can save you the expense of buying a brand new tent and is easy to set up and use
    $ 23.95
  • Coghlan’s Fire Paste

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    For quick clean fire starting without flare-up or splashing.

    Not affected by heat or cold.
    $ 27.95