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Gear Aid offers an unbeatable range of tools for your next adventure. From tent poles and towels to carabiners and buckles, we’ve got you covered with the best tools and accessories that extend the life of your outdoor gear. Our products are designed to keep up with the rigours of travel and exploration, giving you the peace of mind needed when tackling terrain in any environment.

  • Gear Aid Camo Form Reusable Wrap - MultiCam

    Gear Aid Camo Form Reusable Wrap

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    Introducing Gear Aid Camo Form Reusable Wrap – the perfect solution for instantly camouflaging your weapons, scopes and binoculars without leaving any sticky residue.
    This unique wrap provides superior medical support and compression bandage capabilities yet are easily removable and reusable to keep your gear in top condition. Unlike other wraps that get stuck to equipment or leave a mess behind when removed, Camo Form offers a safer alternative with no trace of its use left behind. Features: – Removable and reusable self-cling wrap – Does not stick to gear or weapons – Does not leave any residue – Instantly camouflages items, quiets clatter and is great for swapping items too hot or cold to touch. – Ideal for weapons, scopes, binoculars, flashlights, knife handles and sheaths, ammo clips, canteen and more. – Superior medical support and compression bandage. – 5.1cm x 366cm long Packaging may vary
    $ 29.95
  • Gear Aid Camp Carabiner

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    Suspending gear on a line has never been easier. Featuring our signature twist-and-clip design, the Camp Carabiner quickly attaches to a 550 paracord for hanging a lantern, gravity filter, or backpack without knots.
    Once anchored in place, it keeps your stuff off the ground and prevents heavy items from sliding on a camp line. Take it along as a hiking clip or use it to suspend water bottles, speakers and more while lounging in a tent, hammock or backyard. When looking for a knot-free solution to hanging gear on a line, use the GEAR AID Camp Carabiner. - The signature twist-and-clip design makes attachment to a 550 paracord or 4 mm rope hassle-free and simple - Features a 1/4-20 attachment point for compatible lighting and electronic devices - Swivels 360° for all-around easy access to gear on a line and offers more adjustment options for attached lights and speakers - Strong enough to hold up to 25 lbs. with the stainless-steel bail clip closed - Lightweight and adaptable tool for hiking, camping or hunting trips Specs: - Materials: stainless steel clip and nylon plastic - Dimensions: 4.13” x 1.63” - Weight: 1.22 oz - Max Weight Load: 25 lbs. - Not for climbing
    $ 24.95
  • Gear Aid Camp Line Kit

    , , ,
    The Camp Line Kit makes drying and hanging gear quick and simple. Adventurers of all ages can set up a strong line within minutes using the included 550 Paracord, two Camp Carabiners and two Line Tensioners.
    With this convenient kit, drying towels, jackets and boots while on a backpacking or camping trip can be an enjoyable chore. Besides hanging gear, use it to suspend lighting, speakers and accessories above a tent or hammock for a truly unique outdoor experience. Assemble a camp line like a pro and hang gear in no time with the GEAR AID Camp Line Kit. Features: - Heavy duty, 100% nylon 550 Paracord is reflective and tough enough to handle the elements, day or night - Camp Carabiner’s signature twist-and-clip design easily attaches to a 550 paracord and anchors items in place - Camp Carabiner features a 1/4-20 attachment point for hanging compatible lights, speakers and electronics - Line Tensioners with easy-to-follow steps and slots keep your line from sagging so gear stays off the ground - Use kit components together or independently of each other to make camp organization a breeze Specs: - Kit Components: 30 ft 550 Paracord, 2 Line Tensioners, 2 Camp Carabiners, and storage pouch - 550 Paracord Material: 100% nylon - Carabiner Materials: stainless steel clip and nylon plastic - Carabiner Dimensions: 4.13” x 1.63” - Carabiner Weight: 1.22 oz - Carabiner Max Weight Load: 25 lbs. - Not for Climbing
    $ 44.95
  • Gear Aid Carabiner Light Kit

    , , ,
    Take a rechargeable LED light on the trail or road and anywhere in between with the Carabiner Light Kit.
    Whether walking the dog, cycling to work, or camping in the woods, a powerful light comes in handy and improves safety by illuminating the outdoors. Featuring four light modes with runtimes that last for hours, the Carabiner Light can be used as a night light, mini lantern, flashlight, and signal. Get hands-free lighting by hanging it from a tent or on a line above a hammock. For lighting on the go, attach it to backpack straps with the webbing adapter. Or convert it to a lightweight Camp Carabiner and easily hang other electronics or gear at camp. For lighting that fits any occasion, don't forget to bring the GEAR AID Carabiner Light Kit.
    Features:- Portable, hands-free light goes from the doorstep to the woods; attach it to keys, strollers, and dog collars or carry it in a purse or pack - Multifunctional light features four modes with runtimes of 1.5 to 4 hours: red (2 hours), low (3 hours), high (1.5 hours), and flashing red (4 hours) - Powered by a lithium ion battery that delivers 65 / 110 lumens and recharges in 40 minutes; built in memory recalls the last light mode used - IPX4 water-resistant light easily attaches to a backpack's shoulder or sternum strap with the included webbing adapter for hands-free lighting in any conditions - Converts to a Camp Carabiner with the included paracord adapter to hang electronics and gear on a camp line
    Specifications:- Kit Includes: 1 Carabiner Light, 1 webbing adapter, 1 paracord adapter, and 1 USB cable - 4 Light Modes: red / low / high / flashing red - Lumens: 65 and 110 - IPX Rating: IPX4 - Runtime: 1.5–4 hours - Beam Distance: 60-80 meters - Cell Type: lithium ion - Charge Time: 40 minutes - Weight: 1.72 oz / 49g
    $ 49.95
  • Gear Aid Cooling Towel

    , ,
    A lightweight towel designed with water-activated Cool Mesh Technology to help cool skin for up to two hours.
    *Packaging may vary Features: • Stay cooler longer in the field • Silver ion antimicrobial treatment helps prevent odours • Coyote coloured towel includes storage bag and snap loop for easy drying
    $ 24.33
  • Gear Aid Dual Adjust Buckle

    , ,
    A broken buckle doesn't mean the end of your favorite piece of outdoor gear.
    Replace buckles quick and easy with the Dual Adjust Buckle by GEAR AID. Manufactured from high-quality materials, the Dual Adjust Buckle offers a no sew replacement for standard side release buckles. Available in 5/8", 3/4", 1", 1 1/2", and 2" sizes, the Dual Adjust Buckle can be tensioned from either side. Keep your gear going as long as you with the Dual Adjust Buckle by GEAR AID. Features: - Instant & Fast — Quickly snap into place to replace any dual-adjust buckle on gear - Convenient — No sew buckle allows for tension adjustments on either side of the buckle Specifications: - Sizes: 5/8", 3/4", 1", 1.5", and 2" - Includes: One side-release, dual-adjust buckle - Made in USA
    $ 5.65$ 10.95
  • Gear Aid Fire Strand 550 Paracord

    , , ,
    When you need more than a clothesline outside use the Fire Strand 550 Paracord.
    This strong, 7-strand cord is for adventures big and small. It is ready to handle simple, yet critical jobs including hanging clothes, tensioning tarps, making a shoelace, or starting a fire. This lightweight, 50 ft long cord also includes a sturdy carabiner that can withstand the elements and conveniently attaches to rucksacks, MOLLE systems and more. Be prepared for almost anything nature throws at you with the Fire Strand 550 Paracord in your pack.
    Features:- Multipurpose utility line to hang gear and tie-down tarps for camping, backpacking or hunting; doubles as a flammable 'paratinder' cord - Seven inner strands can be unraveled and pulled out to reveal the wax-coated fire strand for sparking campfires, or used as a fishing line, thread, or floss - Heavy-duty, 100% nylon construction in coyote makes it a handy survival cord and durable bear hang rope for food - Includes rustproof carabiner for additional connection options to secure loads and suspend gear or lights in the field - Not for climbing
    Specifications:- CORD Length: 50 ft (15.24 m) - Materials: nylon paracord / acetal carabiner - Construction: seven inner strands plus one wax-coated tinder cord - Color: coyote - Weight: 4.58 oz / 130g - Cord Load Size: 550 lbs / 249kg (not for climbing) - CARABINER Size: 3.375" H - Weight: 0.58 oz / 16g
    $ 23.95
  • Gear Aid Guyline Tensioners

    , ,
    Make every camping trip a little better with these lightweight and durable aluminum guyline tensioners.
    Quickly secure tents and tarps at camp or set up a taut clothesline when you need it. The Guyline Tensioners only require tying one overhand knot, making them easy to use and fit with 2mm cord and guylines. Illustrated instructions are printed on each tensioner for simple setup around camp. Features: - Lightweight - made from durable aluminum construction - Easy to use - just requires tying one overhand knot - Versatile - works with any 2mm cord - Instructions printed on each tensioner - Includes 4 guyline tensioners Specifications: - Material: aluminum metal - Size: 4.4cm W x 2.5cm H - Color: silver - Weight: 4.3 g (each)
    $ 20.95
  • Gear Aid Heavy-Duty 550 Paracord

    , ,
    The 550 Paracord is a 4 mm cordage made of 100% nylon that comes in 30 ft and 100 ft. Use it to secure shelter, make a clothesline, or create a survival bracelet.
    This heavy-duty cordage also makes a durable paracord belt or handle wrap. With its 7-strand construction, the possible uses of this paracord rope are only limited by your imagination. Available in multiple colors, black and reflective, the 550 Paracord offers strength, safety and visibility when outdoors. When your gear fails, this multipurpose paracord makes improvisation possible. From the backyard to the backcountry, keep the 550 Paracord nearby to accomplish a variety of tasks, big or small. Features: - Multipurpose cordage for camping, backpacking or hunting; available in two lengths (30 ft and 100 ft) and a variety of colours including reflective - Durable, 4 mm construction makes it ideal as a clothesline, tie down strap and more - Seven inner strands can be pulled apart and used as a fishing line, thread, and floss - Includes carabiner for additional options to suspend gear, food and lights - Not for climbing Specs: - Cord Length: 30 ft / 9.14 m, 100 ft / 30.48 m - Material: 100% nylon - Construction: 4mm, 7 inner strands - Weight: 2.6 oz, 7.2 oz - Not for Climbing
    $ 17.99
  • Gear Aid Light-Duty 175 Paracord

    , ,
    Use this 2mm orange reflective, 100 ft long paracord for all outdoor adventures including camping, hiking, and traveling.
    With one inner strand, it's perfect for securing tents and tarps. The reflective orange color makes it easy to spot during the day and in low-light environments. Can also be used as a clothesline, replacement shoelace or lanyard. Not for climbing. Specifications: - Cord length: 100 ft / 30.48 m - Material: 100% nylon - Construction: 2mm with 1 inner strand - Color: orange reflective - Weight: 4.3 oz / 122 g - Warning: Not for Climbing
    $ 48.99
  • Gear Aid Line Tensioners

    , ,
    Lightweight and durable aluminum line tensioners for easy and secure setup of tents, tarps and clotheslines.
    Easy to use with illustrated instructions and compatible with 3mm or 5mm cord. Comes in a pack of 4. Features: - Lightweight - made from durable aluminum construction - Easy to use - just requires tying one overhand knot - Versatile - works with any 3mm or 5mm cord - Instructions printed on each tensioner - Includes 4 line tensioners Specifications: - Material: aluminum metal - Size: 6.1cm W x 2.9cm H - Color: black - Weight: 8 g (each)
    $ 22.45
  • Gear Aid Micro-Terry Washcloth Kit

    , ,
    Maintain personal hygiene while travelling with this compact kit.
    The soft, absorbent micro-terry washcloths are quick-drying and odour resistant. *Packaging may vary Features: • Compact and lightweight personal hygiene kit that’s ideal for travel and field use • Silver ion antimicrobial treatment helps prevent odours • Includes two 10” x 10” micro-terry washcloths and a mesh storage bag
    $ 19.95
  • Gear Aid Ni Glo Gear Marker

    , , ,
    Find things at night with Ni Glo, a glow in the dark keychain and marker for keys and all kinds of outdoor gear including backpacks, tents and SCUBA tanks.
    This rechargeable key fob is battery and tritium-free. It charges by sunlight or artificial light and glows brightly at first, then fades to a constant glow that can be seen all night. Use it to find gear at the campsite, signal the next big catch, or mark epic trails and dive sites. Whether it's outside or under water, don't fumble around when the sun goes down. Use the Ni Glo Gear Marker.
    Features:- Easily attaches to gear with included keyring, clip, and joint; use it on keys, packs, dog collars, guylines, tent zippers, hammock clips, night fishing rods, and scuba tanks - Charges within 10 minutes by sunlight, indoor light, flashlight, or headlamp; for best results, charge in direct sunlight for 2 hours and watch it glow for up to 10 hours - Glowing light can be seen up to 25 ft. away; use it to mark a dive site, campsite, hiking trail, or the distance from a hunting blind - IPX8 waterproof, dust-proof, and weatherproof; it glows in the rain, dust, or snow so you can take it anywhere on land or under water (164 ft deep) - Small and lightweight, this illuminated keychain is only 2 inches tall and weighs under 0.3 oz; perfect for taking a handful in your pack
    Specifications:- Materials: strontium oxide in plastic with stainless steel keyring - Dimensions: 2"x 0.5" - Weight: 0.28 oz / 8 g
    $ 12.95
  • Gear Aid Quick Dry Microfiber Towel - Packed - Coyote

    Gear Aid Quick Dry Microfiber Towel

    , ,
    Offering superior absorbency, the Gear Aid Quick Dry Microfiber Towel towel dries quickly and folds up small to easily fit in your pack on any journey.
    Plus, with silver ion antimicrobial treatment, it helps keep odours at bay during extended trips or when you're using multiple times in one day. For travellers looking to maintain hygiene while exploring new places, this quick-drying microfiber towel is the perfect solution. Packaging may vary Features: - A large, compactable towel that absorbs five times its weight in water - Features a snap loop for easy drying and sewn grommets for use as a sunshade/tarp - Ideal for use as a blanket, fitness and travel towel - Mesh pouch has a zippered pocket to hold towels and other items Specifications: – Sizes: 20 x 40 (M), 30 x 50 (L), and 35 x 62 (XL) – Material: microfiber polyester – Antimicrobial Treatment: SILVADUR – Towel Weight: 5.6 oz (M), 8 oz (L), and 10.4 oz (XL) – Colors: navy, cobalt, nav green, OD green, sand, and coyote brown – Bag Size: 8 L x 3 W x 4? H – Bag Weight: 2 oz
    $ 29.95$ 44.95
  • Gear Aid Revivex Down Cleaner

    , ,
    Wash down jackets, vests and sleeping bags at home with Revivex Down Cleaner. Restore loft and preserve the natural oils in down gear so it continues to keep the cold out.
    Just one wash per season will keep down gear fresh, lofty and warm. It will also gently clean technical shell fabrics and high-tech insulation. With Revivex Down Cleaner it's easy to take care of down gear and bring back its former fluffy glory. - Gentle Cleaner — Water-based formula is safe to use on all down garments and gear; keeping it clean naturally - Maximizes Loft — Enhances performance of down insulation and water repellent treated down like DownTek insulation for continued warmth and comfort - Concentrated — One 296 ml pouch cleans up to 10 jackets or 5 sleeping bags for an economical solution to maintaining down gear - Fragrance-Free — No added perfumes, softeners or optical brighteners that hinder performance - Multipurpose — Use it to restore loft to sleeping bags, coats, vests, booties, or parkas with down blends or treated down - Size: 296 ml - Uses: 10 jackets or 5 sleeping bags - Applications: spot clean, hand wash or machine wash - Biodegradable: yes - Fragrance-Free: yes - HE Compatible: yes - Made in USA
    $ 21.95
  • Gear Aid Revivex Leather Water Repellent

    Gear Aid Revivex Leather Water Repellent

    , ,
    The Gear Aid Revivex Leather Water Repellent is a conditioner and waterproofing gel that creates a durable weather shield to keep your favourite leather products protected from the elements.
    Keep your leather boots looking and performing their best with this 2-in-1 formula that will protect them against elements while leaving the leather soft and supple. It's easy to use, safe for breathable fabrics like GORE-TEX and will repel water all season long. Regular use of this product fights off cracking due to age, ensures resistance to water without being greasy or sticky, and helps keep your boots looking brand new for longer. Features: Protects & Conditions: Deep penetrating gel formula soaks into the leather to protect it from moisture and restores its shine Maximizes Breathability: Compatible with waterproof-breathable footwear by keeping feet dry and cool Concentrated: Treat multiple pairs of boots with just a single 4 fl oz bottle; a few drops will cover a whole shoe All-Season: Repel water and keep leather boots looking good for months after each treatment Multipurpose: Safely add water repellency to all types of full-grain leather and GORE-TEX footwear Specifications: – Size: 118 ml – For Use On: full-grain leather and GORE-TEX lined leather boots – Application: rub-in – Air Dry: yes – Water Protection: yes – Stain Protection: yes – Conditions: yes – Made in the USA
    $ 18.95
  • Gear Aid Seam Grip FC Fast Cure Sealant

    Gear Aid Seam Grip FC Fast Cure Sealant

    , ,
    Previously known as Seam Sure, the new Gear Aid Seam Grip FC Fast Cure Sealant is the perfect solution for sealing family-sized tents, tarps, and pop-ups made of nylon.
    This fast-curing, water-based sealant comes in a 59 ml bottle and can seal up to 18.288 m of seams or fabric. With this product, you can provide an effective waterproof barrier against rain and moisture while preventing leaks quickly and easily. This flexible product creates a thin film barrier when applied to the inside seams and dries quickly into a clear finish. With this powerful sealant, outdoor experiences are never ruined by unexpected rain or moisture - giving you complete peace of mind when spending time outdoors. Features: Long-lasting: Water-based urethane sealant is unaffected by extreme temperatures and keeps moisture out all year long Fast Acting: Formula cures in just two hours for an application on tent seams that’s quick and easy Waterproof: Provides a water-tight seal that won’t peel or crack over time, keeping adventurers warm and dry Flexible: Dries to a clear sealant that flexes with fabric and stays intact without flaking off All-purpose: Seals nylon, polyester, vinyl, canvas and other outdoor fabrics. Specifications: – Material: water-based urethane – Size 59 ml – Colour: clear – Adheres To: nylon, canvas, polyester, vinyl and most fabrics – Coverage: 18.288m x 6.35mm (18.288 m of seams) – Cure time: 2 hours – Cure method: humidity – Application Temperature: 16° to 38°C – Use Temperature: -29° to 82°C – Storage: Store in a cool, dry place – Freeze-Thaw Stable: no – Made in the USA
    $ 15.95
  • Gear Aid Seam Grip SIL Silicone Sealant

    Gear Aid Seam Grip Sil Silicone Sealant

    , ,
    Gear Aid Seam Grip SIL Silicone Sealant is the perfect solution for keeping moisture out of your silnylon (silicone-nylon) tents and other silicone-treated gear.
    This innovative sealant dries to a flexible rubber, making it ideal for pinhole repairs and small tears on nylon tarps, ultralight backpacks and outdoor equipment. Not only does it provide an effective waterproof barrier that lasts, but it also stands up to extreme temperatures and difficult weather conditions. With one single tube containing 42 grams of silicone, you can cover up to 7.3152 meters of seams with ease and confidence. This sealant bonds quickly, creating a long-lasting bond between surfaces without cracking or drying out over time. Features: Compatible: Bonds to silicone-treated fabrics to prevent water from seeping through seams Waterproof: Provides a water-tight seal that won’t peel or crack over time, keeping you warm and dry Long-lasting: Rubber sealant seals seams and patches pinhole leaks for repairs that last for years Flexible: Cures to an elastic, rubber seal that flexes and stretches with high-performance gear Weather-resistant: Tough formula is not affected by extreme heat or cold Specifications: – Material: silicone rubber – Size: 42 g – Colour: clear – Adheres to silicone-treated fabrics – Coverage: 7.3152 m x 6.35 mm (7.3152 m of seams) – Cure Time: 3-6 hours – Cure Method: humidity – Application Temperature: 16° to 38° C – Use Temperature: -29° to 82° C – Storage: Store in a cool, dry place – Made in the USA
    $ 17.95
  • Gear Aid Seam Grip TF Tent Fabric Sealant

    Gear Aid Seam Grip TF Tent Fabric Sealant

    , ,
    Gear Aid Seam Grip TF Tent Fabric Sealant, formerly known as Tent Sure, is perfect for your hassle-free tent waterproofing.
    This clear sealant comes with a built-in foam applicator brush that makes it easy to apply and waterproof in one simple step. Not only does this sealant provide long-lasting protection from water damage and leakage, but it's also flexible, so your tent can move with you wherever you go. This easy-to-apply solution will help you protect against wear and tear, prolonging the life of your camping gear and maximising your adventures. Seam Grip TF is designed to waterproof and seal seams on floors, rainflys, or tarps up to 85 sq ft with only one 4 fl oz bottle and delivers superior protection from the elements that won't wash away. Features: Waterproof: Provides a water-tight seal to keep dryness in and moisture out of tent floors and rain gear Flexible: Cures to a flexible sealant for high-performance gear that needs to move and stretch Non-toxic: Water-based formula is safe on nylon, canvas, vinyl, polyester, and other outdoor fabrics Long-Lasting: Urethane adhesive is unaffected by extreme outdoor temperatures Dries Clear: For a nearly invisible finish that keeps gear performing and looking good all season Specifications: – Material: water-based urethane – Size: 118 ml – Colour: clear - Adheres to nylon, canvas, vinyl, polyester, and most fabrics – Coverage: 7.9 sq m – Cure time: 4 hours – Cure method: humidity – Application Temperature: 16° to 38°C – Use Temperature: -29° to 82°C – Freeze-Thaw Stable: no – Storage: Store in a cool, dry place – Made in the USA
    $ 26.95
  • Gear Aid Seam Grip WP Field Repair Kit

    , ,
    Seam Grip WP Field Repair Kit is a compact solution for repairing torn gear, it includes a waterproof sealant and two peel-and-stick patches.
    It's perfect for use as a seam sealer or repair adhesive for a tent and other camping gear. Durable, abrasion-resistant and bonds to most outdoor fabrics. Kit Contents  Includes Seam Grip WP sealant and adhesive (7 ml), two 3” Tenacious Tape Patches (clear and black nylon) and applicator brush Specifications: - Material: thermoset urethane - Color: clear - Adheres To: nylon, canvas, vinyl, polyester, and most fabrics - Coverage: 144” x 0.25” (12’ of seams) - Cure Time: 8-12 hours - Application Temperature: 16°C to 37°C (above 40% relative humidity) - Use Temperature: -28°C to 82°C - Storage: store in bag in freezer - Tape Material: PVC (clear) and nylon (black)
    $ 21.95
  • Gear Aid Sewing Kit

    , ,
    A compact Sewing Kit for Tactical Professionals.
    Comprehensive kit with sewing materials designed to sew heavy-duty fabrics. Mend tents, sleeping bags, backpacks, jackets and uniforms. *Packaging may vary • Compact outdoor sewing kit Includes high-quality needles and thread • Repairs ripped clothing, backpacks, tents, and other outdoor gear • Packaged in lightweight twist-tube that fits easily in your pocket • Contains a thimble, seam ripper, buttons, thread, needles, straight and safety pins
    $ 24.95
  • Gear Aid Taut Line Kit

    , ,
    The Taut Line Kit is a versatile outdoor tool that includes a 50 ft heavy-duty,
    reflective paracord and line tensioners for setting up a tight camp line to hang gear and clothes. The paracord has 7 inner strands that can be used as fishing line or thread. Features:
    • Made of 100% nylon, the strong and reflective 550 Paracord is an adventure tool you can count on from sunset to sundown
    • Cord construction consists of seven inner strands that can be pulled apart and used as a fishing line or thread
    • 50 ft paracord is ideal for hanging towels, boots, water filters, bear bags and packs; works as a survival bracelet, too
    • Line Tensioners with easy-to-follow steps/slots keeps clothesline from sagging so gear stays high and dry
    • Compatible with the Camp Carabiner to hang gear at camp with just a simple twist and turn
    • Kit Components: 50 ft 550 Paracord and 4 Line Tensioners
    • 550 Paracord Material: 100% nylon
    • 550 Paracord Weight: 2.6 oz
    • Line Tensioner Materials: aluminum metal
    • Not for climbing
    $ 49.95
  • Gear Aid Tenacious Mesh Patches

    , ,
    Save your mosquito net and keep the bugs out with Tenacious Tape Mesh Patches. Quickly repair a torn bug screen with this handy screen repair patch.
    With two 3" pre-cut Tenacious Tape mesh patches enclosed, cover up any small hole or tear at home or at the campsite. Safe for use on bug netting, mesh or no-see-um screens. To use, just position the mesh patches over the tear, then peel and stick the Tenacious Tape ring. Use the Tenacious Tape Gear Patches as the essential tent mesh repair kit and patch up screens within seconds. Features: - Fast Repairs — No sewing skills or heat required to apply the 3" mesh patches - Peel & Stick — Simply remove backing and apply to surface with pressure - Portable — Lightweight mesh is easy to pack - Multipurpose — Ideal for repairing bug netting, mesh or no-see-um screens
    $ 14.95
  • Gear Aid Tenacious Tape Repair Patches

    , ,
    Fix rips, holes and gashes in your outdoor gear instantly with Tenacious Tape Repair Patches.
    Patch up a tent, jacket or sleeping bag like a pro without the gooey mess. This repair kit includes pre-cut black nylon and clear tape for nearly invisible repairs. No matter what the job or weather, these patches will stay intact and won't peel or lift. Toss Tenacious Tape patches in the backpack for a little extra peace of mind. Ditch the sticky duct tape and use Tenacious Tape Repair Patches and make repairs to camping gear that lasts. FEATURES: - Peel & Stick — Simply remove backing and apply to surface with pressure; no sewing skills or heat required - Durable — Ultra-strong repair tape permanently bonds to outdoor fabrics and materials including nylon, vinyl, rubber and plastic - Washable — Fabric tape is sealed with a waterproof coating and won't peel off during a wash or storm - Nearly Invisible — With clear and black patches included, repairs are barely visible - Multipurpose — Sticks to almost any surface to repair puff coats, tents, sleeping bags and backpacks
    $ 7.95