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Garmont develops quality, innovative footwear, characterized by its own D.N.A. technologies, to boost everybody’s pursuit toward their personal goal. Because there’s no need to be extraordinary to do extraordinary things.

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    Official A.D.F. CAF approved boots - buy and wear them with confidence!
    Design: The Garmont T8 Multi-Terrain boot has propelled tactical footwear into the 21st Century by combining hiking and trail running technology and applying it to the harsh conditions and arduous operating environments that the modern soldier endures. Features: - Super Vibrum sole for maximum traction, stability and maximum shock reduction in most environments or surfaces. - Constructed from a tapered Nylon woven footboard with a custom designed insole. - Foot bed cup system that makes the boot work with the rest of your body providing superior stability and reducing stress on the ankles and knees. - Entry way is constructed from a swept back concept to allow a snug, comfortable, fully supported fit without all the unnecessary padding. - Upper is constructed from abrasion resistant, split grain leather combined with DD Diamesh for excellent breathing and ventilation. - Zero optical refraction hardware with roller bearing and hook less rigging proof hardware that make the T8 operate flawlessly in all operating environments whether is be ground or airborne operations. - Foot bed cup system and heel retention strapping system facilitate maximum stability and support in nearly all conditions and environments. - Lightweight, rugged and durable construction - performs in all conditions. - Dries rapidly in amphibious or extremely wet climates. - Quad stitching. - Heavy-duty but lightweight outer. Specifications: Size (U.S): 6 -14 Weight: Only 0.7kg
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