Dos & Don’ts of Summer Camping

Dos & Don’ts of Summer Camping
February 3, 2020 Valhalla Tactical

Many of us are lucky enough to have time off during the summertime to go away on vacation. The Australian camping options range from beachside to bush, leaving tonnes to explore in between. Australian summer conditions, however, can be volatile and making sure that you are prepared for every situation is vital. At Valhalla, we’ve experienced rough nights, gnarly days, long hikes and tiresome journeys, and it’s our goal to make your experience better. We have put together a list of our do’s & don’ts of summer camping so that you have a safe and enjoyable time on your next adventure.


Stay hydrated

Australian summer heat can be unforgiving. The risk of becoming dehydrated is increased when completing physical activities in high temperatures- both of which are very likely while camping in the summer. Not only will you need water to drink, but also water for showering and cooking. An exact estimate for how much water to bring varies from case to case, but a good guideline is that the recommended daily intake for everyday circumstances is 2L of water. Now factor in heat, strenuous activity and the need to use your water supply for tasks other than drinking. Consuming a substantial amount of water will be essential and having the right gear to store or collect your water should be thought of before embarking on your journey. Whether it is a large tank of water that you can store in the back of your ute or a portable water filtration device, research what is best for you!

Do your research

Planning and researching a holiday may be a bit of a tedious task, but ensuring that you are up to date with important notices is a must when camping. We recommend looking into fire bans and restrictions, especially during the hot summer months. This will affect where and how you camp, so ensure you look into the current notices to stay safe. Another important topic to research while camping around Australia during the summer is the wildlife that will be present in the area. Snakes will emerge during the summer months to bask in the sun, meaning they will be on the move during the day. Researching breeding seasons and active locations of potentially dangerous wildlife can help you to avoid dangerous, potentially fatal circumstances.

Set up the right shelter

The weather during the Australian summer is pretty unpredictable; temperatures can vary by 20°C between the middle of the day and the dead of night. Ensuring that the shelter that you bring can accommodate a wide range of scenarios is essential when going on a camping trip in the Australian summer. If you are staying in a cabin or caravan, these concerns are usually taken care of but if you are going for a more rugged option, choose carefully. Consider how far you will have to carry your set up, whether you want your gear to fit inside of your shelter and what the weather conditions are forecasted to look like are all things that you should consider when purchasing an appropriate sleeping set up. At Valhalla, we have a wide range of bivi bags, sleeping bags, and sleeping pads to make your camping experience comfortable and practical.


Synthetic Clothing

If you are planning on hiking and being on the go during your next summer camping trip, choose your clothing fabrics wisely. What may seem like a minor detail- synthetic materials like polyester and nylon do not breathe, making you heat up faster and for longer. We recommend fabrics like cotton that are breathable and moisture-retaining, meaning they will hold sweat to help your body naturally regulate its temperature.

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Everyday Meals

When going camping, your diet will vary from your typical everyday choices. A light lunchtime salad may be able to sustain you through a day in the office, but being active in the summer sun will require a meal with more subsistence. Packing nutrient and calorie-dense foods will help you to make the most of the meals that you prepare. Try dried fruits and nuts for a calorific snack!

Being Unprepared

Rain, hail or shine- it all exists in Australian summer. Make sure that you don’t skip a beat to ensure that you are never at risk of getting into a sticky situation. Bring extras of the things that you would need if something were to go wrong– water, first aid and batteries. The team at Valhalla is ready to kit you out for any challenge that nature may throw your way, so contact us today!