Our Top Clothing Picks for Your Next Mission

Our Top Clothing Picks for Your Next Mission
April 21, 2020 Valhalla Tactical

When it comes to a week-long adventure in the mountains or a hiking day out, being dressed for the occasion is critical in ensuring your trip is stress-free and above all else – safe. From staying dry when it’s chilly and wet to keeping cool under the harsh sun with no reprieve in sight, we’ve compiled the go-to list with our top clothing picks for your next journey into the wild.


Rapid Performance Polo

Whether you’re facing rain and winds or blue skies with little cover on your next assignment, the Recon Exert Performance Top is a quintessential wardrobe item. Ideal for use as a base layer or as a casual shirt, they are designed from 100% pure premium cotton and are created to last on camping and fishing trips for years to come. In colder months, the Tactical Zip Sweater is the go-to next layer to keep you warm but ready to go. 


5.11 Apex Pant

When it comes to fully functional design without paying for it with style, the 5.11 Apex Pant is a must. The Teflon treated material makes them highly resistant to stains and moisture and alongside the mechanical stretch canvas, they have just enough stretch that doesn’t restrict movement. What takes these pants to the next level is their ability to easily transfer from casual to tactical or covert wear. 

All Hazards Pack

Finding the right pack for gear is crucial to making sure you have enough room for the essentials without too much extra weight and the durability to last through tough conditions. The All Hazards Prime is a prerequisite for your next expedition thanks to its high-vis orange internal pockets that are perfect for after dark and its unique tear-out medical pouches for any emergencies. For an even more protective covering, or if you’re looking for a camouflage pattern, the Valhalla Pack Rain Cover is a perfect add-on with its newly designed Australian Compatible Camouflage. 


5.11 Range Master Boot

Multifunctional clothing has fast become the go-to for a lot of adventurers. The Range Master Shoe is a perfect example of high-performance durability that meets casual wear. Great for training or heading out for a big day outdoors, these shoes are one of our favourites thanks to their versatility and high-quality design. 

Being ready to tackle anything means having the right gear and confidence to do so. Check out our extensive range of tactical clothing and accessories for your next mission or reach out to the Valhalla Team for more info.